Saturday, 26 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hi Guys,

I was well and truly spoiled this year, I've been extremely lucky. I love reading What I Got For Christmas Posts, I like to think they're a great source of shopping inspirations or an inspiration for gift ideas, but really I'm just a bit nosy! I think they really give you a bit of an insight into what a person likes too. 
So just a little disclaimer, this post isn't meant to be bragging in any way, I'm very thankful for all the wonderful gifts I received this year. I just thought I'd join in with the fun, seeing as I'm having a nose at everyone else's posts too haha.
I guess my love for Lush is more widely known than I thought haha. I was lucky enough to receive two sets from friends and family, one being the Festive Friends. Which is officially wrapped in one of the cutest wrapping papers I've ever seen. It includes Peeping Santa Bubbleroon, Snow Angel Bath Melt, Father Christmas Bath Bomb and Butterbear Bath Bomb. Then inside Snow Fairy's Castle is Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Fairy Dust Dusting Powder, So White Bath Bomb and Magic Wand Bubble Bar. All of which are some of my favourite festive products.
I think my Dad has probably been reading a few of my wish lists... I got my mitts on the Nars Steven Klein Abnormal Female Set, which probably has the most out there packaging possible for a lip pencil kit, but I love it! I was also given the Narsissist Smoky Eye Kit, which dare I say, I've never tried any Nars Shadows! I'm so happy to finally have Molecule 01 in my life too, so I can stop covering myself in it every time I'm in Liberty London! Then finally I think I squealed with excitement a bit too much to see what could possibly be the most glorious contour palette ever to exist... Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow, I actually don't know how I'm going to even use it!
My Mum kindly got me a Magnitone Brush, which I've heard so many rave reviews on, I'm really looking forward to trying out the 7 Day Challenge. I also treated myself to the Real Techniques Ultimate Gift Set for Christmas, technically I got it in the Black Friday sales. The bargains that Superdrug were holding were too good to give up! 
This year I discovered my rekindled love for colouring books and have found a mutual love for it with a friend at College. Who very kindly treated me to The Magical City, if you haven't seen this one you need to take a peek! It's like warped versions of different places around the world, there are some brilliant ones of London. I also got the Liberty London Colouring Book, filled with their heritage prints. As well as Paper Towns, I cant wait to get stuck into this one after I missed it in the cinema. 

My Mum also treated me to my very own American style planner from Planners, so I can store everything from my work shifts, college work to all of my blog post ideas. Fingers crossed I can be a bit more organised this year! 
I love a cosy jumper and I cant say it gets much cosier than this little number from Abercrombie and Fitch, although not my usual style, It's something I wish I would pick out for myself! Then lastly probably the best garden gnome ever to exist is this Vampire Minion. I cant say I would usually be a fan of garden gnomes, but this Minion is just absolutely fantastic! I want a Minion themed garden now...

Im hoping to get up a planner based post soon (Hopefully it'll keep me on track with planning!) but if you'd like to see a review on anything else featured let me know! I'll be happy to pop one up for you! 

Eloise x


  1. Aww I love your gifts! I got some Lush stuff and colouring sets too <3 it's so cute that your dad got you makeup! Without fail my dad gets me perfume and gives me money because he has no clue about clothes or makeup haha xox

  2. You got some amazing gifts! That RT brush set looks so good :)

    Hana | ♥

  3. You got some lovely things! Very jealous of the Charlotte tilbury contour palette!

  4. Everything looks so cute!
    I don't know but there is something in what I got for Christmas/birhtday posts and videos that make me happy. Does is it sounds to creepy?


  5. Everything looks amazing! I love lush products but don't live near one so rarely any products

    rose mcnamee -

  6. Everything looks amazing! I love lush products but don't live near one so rarely any products

    rose mcnamee -

  7. woah! you got really awesome gifts, I love real techniques! (i did a post of my RT collection:
    p.s. I'm envious of the CT palette :O
    Jess xox

  8. I haven't seen that RT's brush set yet. It's so cool, especially for people being introduced to the brand. I'd also love to try the Magnitone brush. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK - Eyelash Enhancer GIVEAWAY


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