Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Cosy Netflix Night

Hi Guys,

There's nothing better than being tucked up in bed, with your favourite pyjamas and a big bundle of snacks, to go alongside a good selection of Netflix favourites. Especially now during the winter, its nice to be cosy and relax with a new film or binge watch a series. So I thought I'd share a few of mine that I've been loving recently...
The newest Netflix Original series is Jessica Jones, which is kind of like a spinoff from Daredevil (also brilliant by the way!). It's a Marvel series based on superhero Jessica, who has turned private investigator, after being influenced by the villain of the series Kilgrave, who can verbally control anyone he likes. He is played fantastically by David Tennant, it's a really dark series and possibly one of the darkest characters I've ever seen him play. Though just as a bit of a warning, it does get quite distressing at some points it's got such dark themes, just incase you would like to look into that a bit more. I don't want to spoil it though!

After watching it though, I did want to watch more of David Tennant, so I also found The Decoy Bride. Its a romantic comedy film, based on a writer (David Tennant) who is set to marry the number one actress of the moment. However their wedding plans don't exactly go to plan and they end up fleeing to a little island in the Scottish Hebrides to get married. Though when there, the wedding plans go a teeny bit off track too, resulting in a decoy bride and a hilarious love story. 

Another film I absolutely love and have rediscovered on Netflix, is Chalet Girl, another romantic comedy, this time starring Ed Westwick and Felicity Jones. Seeing as Gossip Girl is over I still just want to binge watch anything Chuck Bass related. Felicity is equally as great with some fantastic lines throughout the film, it's one of those ones that you just want to rewatch over and over again. 

I'd also really recommend Once Upon a Time, I've just started the second series and its one of those ones I just cant stop watching. I cant say I was won over straight away, although Jamie Dornan does appear, its one to stick with and is really interesting to see how all the story book characters intertwine! Im looking forward to getting through this one!

Eloise x

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  1. I LOVE once upon a time!! I'm waiting for the whole of series 5 to be on there before I binge watch the series haha It's very addictive!!

    Also really enjoy finding random films I've never heard of to watch. Will take a look at some of the ones you've mentioned! :)

    Laura x


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