Monday, 14 December 2015

The Christmas Jumper

Hi Guys,

I cant say I have always been a fan of the Christmas Jumper, until last year and now Im always on the look out to see which ones are about. There are some fantastic designs this year, I personally favour more of the slogan, cute print type of jumpers, over the more comical type ones.
I've found five so far, all with little details that make me love them even more. I love any jumper with a intricate or subtle design, wether its Christmas themed or not, but I think the Primark Gingerbread Jumper - £14 is in the Christmas spirit, while not being too much. There's also a really cute penguin design too on a grey jumper, plus the appliqué is nice and fluffy.

Something not so fluffy but still adorable is dressing up like a present! It's much more appealing when you get to dress up in a copper bow. The H&M Sequinned Bow Jumper - £14.99 I think is more of a grown up jumper in a way and you could also wear it all festive season. 

I love the little bit of comedy that comes with the Topshop Dear Santa Jumper - £28, its just nice and simple with the quote. But it catches your eye, its not really your typical Christmas slogan, but one I'm sure is probably used quite a bit over the Christmas period! 

A Childhood favourite of mine when it came round to Christmas, was always to watch Home Alone. It's one of those films, that I think practically everyone has seen and the quote on the Boohoo Eva Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Jumper - £15 is one that is instantly recognisable. It's like wearing a little bit of childhood in a jumper. 

Although another one thats probably equally iconic, its not Christmas until the Holidays are Coming Advert has been on! You cant help but get excited over seeing it and I get that same bit of excitement knowing theres the New Look Black Coca Cola Jumper - £17.99. I still haven't seen the advert! So the jumper is helping curb the Holiday's are Coming wishes! 

Eloise x

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  1. I got the gingerbread one from Primark today! I love it :) x

    Martha Jane |


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