Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Five Favourite Glitter Polishes

Hi Guys,

Christmas time is the perfect excuse for a bit of sparkle, not that an excuse is needed for glitter though. It's always nice to have a nice new manicure for the festive season and one of the easiest ways to wear glitter too. Wether its to add a little something to being at home in your pyjamas on Christmas Day or having a Christmas night out, I love glitter for it all.
I tend to go between different styles and finishes of glitter, there's so many different options, there's a glitter out there to suit everyone. They don't all have to be a nightmare to remove, although sadly quite a few are, though I always think its worth the few extra minutes of soaking my nails in remover.  Though they're always quite speedy to apply, practically all the glitter formulations I've tried dry quicker than usual polishes, making them some of the best for a quick manicure. 
I love the mix of colours in Barry M Masquerade, I think it's a great one to carry you right through to New Year's too. It's a really fine glitter, made up of sky blue, purple, red and gold. The ratio of glitter to the nail polish base is always one of the best when it comes to Barry M polishes, there's always enough glitter to get a really good nearly opaque coating of glitter in two to three coats. They're also long lasting and don't chip easily at all. 

Another fantastic one for the same quality reasons is Models Own Pink Fizz. It's another one that has a good amount of glitter inside and you can get a good level of opacity from it too. The main difference between the two, is that Pink Fizz is a chunkier glitter, but has an almost smooth finish to it due to the formulation of the base polish.
Illamasqua Raindrops is possibly my favourite of them all and yet its not really what you would probably think of when you say its a glitter polish. It's made up of a white matte glitter, in a grey polish base. It adds more texture than it does sparkle, but I kinda like that, especially with the tone of it suiting the colder months. Plus its actually Illamasqua's best selling polish too!

Although such a simple glitter polish, Deborah Lipmann Ruby Red Slippers is just gorgeous. It screams Christmas and luxury too. It's not cheap, but the quality overall is worth the price tag. It looks like a raspberry toned glitter in a blacked base colour in the bottle, however when on its a jelly raspberry base colour, with a slightly brighter raspberry glitter. 

Another best seller this time for Ciate is Antique Brooch, it's a champagne shade, made up of very fine gold shimmer, which then also includes a chunkier rose gold glitter too. It reflects so much light and has so much texture to it, you can build it up to the level of opacity that you like. But it still looks good wether you apply one coat or more, it's just got a good amount of pigmentation to it and one of the fastest drying ones too.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Pink Fizz, Raindrops, Masquerade, Ruby Red Slippers & Antique Brooch)
You can also now get base coats specially formulated for glitter, which mean instead of removing your polish with a traditional remover. You can now apply the base coat and peel off the glitter polish  once you're done with it, making glitter polish that bit faster! 

Eloise x


  1. Love love love glittery polish!!
    Thanks for introducing me to some new ones - the antique brooch shade is gorgeous!

  2. I have the Illamasqua one and it's just so pretty on.
    Loving the look of the Deb.Lipman one - I have a China Glaze in Ruby (pumps?) I think it's called and it's so lovely on, especially this time of yr.
    Gillian xx

  3. Love the look of the Illamasqua glitter polish, definitely going to check this one out :-)
    Lovely post.

    Maxine xx

  4. I secretly love glitter polishes, especially over the christmas period, Raindrops looks gorgeous x

    Rachael |


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