Friday, 4 December 2015

House of Glamdolls for Freedom

Hi Guys,

This has to be one of the most exciting launches of the year for me, Freedom Makeup London teaming up with House of Glamdolls. Although they have teamed up before to offer the #Glamacademy Courses at the House of Glamdolls, this is the first makeup collaboration between the two brands.  
 I'm a big fan of the House of Glamdolls as part of the team is David Horne, who you might know from creating a lot of the well loved Illamasqua products. His work and way of working is incredible, he is definitely one to learn from, if you haven't seen it already, the Art of Male Makeup Book is one to take a good look at.

The palette's themselves come in four options, each one offering a great selection of products and shades to create a variety of looks. Each palette includes four brow shades, three highlighters, two blushers, four lip products and ten eyeshadows. There is also a little booklet included with a step by step guide to creating the face charts on the front of the packaging, so you can recreate the exact look.
I love the combination of matte and neutral shadow shades in this palette, you get a bit of both and they all compliment each other so well meaning you can mix the two. Its a great one to get a taste of the brighter shades, It's also very festive with its glittery gold and beautiful shimmer green. As well as having the option of doing a subtle purple smoky eye too. I love that it has a type of bronzer kind of shade, which is actually matte, so you could use this for contouring on certain skin tones and then you also get your peachy blush. 
If you like purple tones, that aren't too bright then this palette is for you. It's a great one to subtly add colour, as its calmer than the brighter palettes. You get a fantastic shade range, especially if you're looking to create a smokey eye that's not as harsh as black, as the grey shade in the palette is a really good substitute. You also get the choice of two more naturally flushed blushers, which both pair really nicely alongside all the highlighters included. The lip colours are more on the roses and nude side, which again pairs really well with a smoky eye. 
You can really create some pin up looks and really dramatic emerald 1920's style eyes with this palette. Which is right up my street, especially when there's a lip stick called Flapper. The lipsticks in this one are brilliant pigment wise and some of the darkest ones available. The Blushers as well are very classic rouged  shades, you can really get a timeless look. 
Possibly my favourite palette from the whole collection is this one, it just screams colour and an endless amount of fun with spotlight eyes, liner, there's so many options! You don't have to look at it and be terrified, you can add just a hint of colour to a smoky eye and it will instantly change it. It's not as overwhelming as it looks, once you've found a way it works for you. Again you get a sculpting shade, which is cooler than the one in the Exotica palette and great for paler skin. The blush is extremely pretty and flattering on and if you want to, you can also use it as a Lilac shadow too. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Taupe, Brunette, Bark, Ebony, Mischief,  Pure, Jet, Starlight, Light & Haze)

Each palette contains the standard black and white shade in Pure and Jet, as well as the same three highlight shades, a peach tone shimmer in Haze, a pink toned shimmer in Starlight and a matte nude in Light. Three out of the four palettes all contain the same eye brow shades, the only difference is that Fairy Doll includes Mischief, rather than Taupe. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Serenity, Peace, Hope, Crystal, Utopia, Euphoria, Zen, Ash,Cloud, Petal Bloom, Magic, Glade, Sorcery, Fantasy, Ash, Silverscreen, Starlet, Vamp, Delicate, Siren, Heroine, Allure & Demure)
All of the palette has a fantastic level of pigmentation and none of my swatches do them any justice compared to when they're on the face. If you want to see any looks with the palettes, let me know, as I was contemplating doing them in this post but it would of been so long!

The only products that you might be a little let down by are what are presumed to be lipsticks, but they're actually designed to be more of a lip balm or lip gloss formulation, some colours are supposed to be slightly less pigmented than others.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Naked, Pout, Seduce, Bitten, Sensual, Feline, Sultry, Charm, Enhance, Exotica, Envy, Tempt, Nature, Flutter, Glamour, Retro, Cherish, Devine, Sculpt, Mystery, Spell, Believe, Enchant, Wicked, Aura, Delight, Love, Passion, Ruby, Power, Dark Cherry & Flapper.)
With each palette coming in at £8 each and offering the selection and quality that they do, this is a really good bargain buy. There are so many opportunities to create something with just one palette, let alone all four. But then again, how can you really just pick one? I couldn't! 

Eloise x


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