Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Favourite Posts 2015

Hi Guys,

Earlier today I saw a post from Megan at Thumbelina Lillie which rounded up all of her favourite posts, that she published in 2015. I thought it was such a fantastic idea and got me thinking about what my favourite posts have been through the year. You really have to go and read all of the posts though from Megan, I love reading any of her posts and cant recommend them enough. 
Just as a bit of a warning there's going to be a lot of Illamasqua related posts in this one! Starting with my Boxing Day Haul, just looking at it makes me excited for my Boxing Day shopping this year and hopefully that'll include Illamasqua too! 

February: The Pastel Trend
A post that I must admit I had almost forgotten I had done, I mean it is something like ten months old now! But looking back it actually makes me want to dig out the pastels, especially the purple lipstick and have a bit of a colourful Spring like makeover.
One thing, or place, I can safely say that I have loved this year is Topshop. I love a good wishlist and just having a bit of an online browse too. It really makes me think about how much black clothing I actually own though...

I had so much fun doing this post and looking through all my favourite pieces from Illamasqua. Even though it was one of the hardest things to ever whittle down. 
I think this is probably one of my favourite posts because its lovely to look back at an event that meant so much to me to go to. Alex Box and Spob have both been huge inspirations and I loved every second of getting to see them talk about the industry and how they view their careers. It's an event I don't think I'll ever forget.

June: Gold Leaf Nails 
I haven't done much with my nails this year, its one of my favourite things to do. One of my favourite designs from the limited selection I did this year however, are these ones. They're so quick and easy to create, yet still so effective too. 
July: The City Break 
Another post I love to look back on is this one, I adore London and I adore the fact that I can document my travels on here too. Plus it's nice just to stare at lots of Lush goodies for a while too...

August: A Homely Update
I've been trying to get my room how I want it for a while now and I feel like I actually achieved it in this post, well until the winter has come round and I decided to Christmas it up a bit. Oh well I can always look back and remind myself to how close I got, haha!
Autumn comes round and all the berry toned products get cracked out too, I always love this time of year, give me all the dark lipsticks and I'm happy. It's always a shade I'm easily drawn to, though it does mean you end up with quite a few duplicate shades... 

I've done a few tutorials throughout the year and by far this is my favourite, I like how dark it is, yet its still versatile too. You can tweak and change it to however you like and it's suitable for not only Halloween. 
This post is actually kind of terrifying, to see how much I've actually spent on so few products... But yet I find it so interesting to see it too, It's been totally worth every penny in my eyes though.

I did this post in 2014 too and it was possibly one of my ultimate favourites of the year, so I knew I had to do it again this year too. Again its been one of my favourites to do this year too. 

Eloise x

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