Friday, 10 July 2015

What's In My Bag: City Break

Hi Guys,

As you may be reading this I'm on my way to London! Im going for IMATS and of course the mothership that is Lush Oxford St! I carry a lot of junk in my handbag, which you might of seen In my last What's In My Bag, but for London that drives me mad. So I feel like I've downsized for my City Break... Take a peek!
I got a new bag for London as I always find it frustrating to actually carry my handbag around London, I never have enough hands to actually carry everything. So I got the Fiorelli Parker Back Pack. Im not a huge back pack fan, but I've been loving this trend of having back pack handbags, I got it in the black and white too, so that it goes with everything. You can also get it in Navy, which Im really eyeing up too!
For the practical things Im carrying about, I of course have my money and purse, which is already well worn and I think it might see its last days after I've been round Oxford St haha. I also have my points and loyalty cards, especially for these stores as they're some of my favourites to visit in London, especially a Costa Cooler when its hot!

I also have my Oyster Card, which I love to pieces, one of my favourite things about being in London is the tube, its so quick and easy, plus Oyster Cards are just genius! Please can Glasgow come up with some way to have a advanced Subway and Oyster Cards!

Lastly Ive got my newly printed business cards, especially for IMATS. Im really pleased with how they turned out considering I designed them from my fantastic blog design. As I was just waiting for them to turn up all blurry and horribly gone wrong haha.

I also have my phone and my new favourite gadget in the entire world, the EE Power Bar, so I can charge my phone on the go. My battery is always dying, which is my worst nightmare in a busy London, plus if your on EE these are completely free! I will also have my camera with me, but I couldn't photograph that as I was using it haha. 
Makeup wise I dont want to carry around a lot, so Im just keeping all the little loose bits inside my Illamasqua makeup bag. Its fantastic as its so slim, it really doesn't take up a lot of room in your bag, but still houses enough.

Inside I have my Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Crushed Coral, just as its quick to apply, moisturising and offers that hint of colour. I also have my choice of lipstick for that day, I just have a MAC one here in Crosswires, but it could be any of the ones from my Makeup Bag for IMATS. I also have my MAC Fix + Powder Foundation for top ups and my NARS Creamy Concealer incase I need to touch up anything throughout the day.

Just to keep them together Ive also chucked in a hair bobble, which I always carry and a hair grip as my fringe hasn't entirely grown out yet and decides to be annoying occasionally. I also have a mini Lush New Charity Pot, to use as a hand cream, its fantastic as its such a teeny weeny tin and its only £1! I also just have a packet of gum too!

I feel like Ive downsized dramatically, but I bet I haven't! Oh and Im also taking a mini packet of wipes to IMATS as its swatch central too haha!

Eloise x


  1. oh, how i wish they had those mini charity pots here! i keep the smallest size in my handbag as my hands are almost always dry.

    brooke | brooke elise

  2. Hope you have fun in London! We live here and love it, these items are essential not just for city breaks, but for a day-to-day basis :) Love your bag by the way, it is so simple and minimal but stylish
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. Have loads of fun in London, i love your rucksack too! I never usually wear them either but these handbag ones are really cute!

    Emma at


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