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My Illamasqua Lipstick Collection


It's safe to say I'm a teeny weeny bit obsessed with Illamasqua, I have been for years. Over this time I've collected quite the personal collection of their lipsticks, some of which are now holy grails or have been repurchased for my pro kit too.

I am guilty of always reaching for the exact same shade in particular from Illamasqua. So I'm hoping by getting them all out I can encourage myself to use more than just nude.
Especially as after the past year I've bought quite a few new lllamasqua lipsticks as a pick me up treat, but as I hadn't been wearing makeup they're not been used as much as they would of been. So I'm determined to experiment more because they're absolutely stunning! As well as offering a brilliant formulation range, you really don't need a lot to get a bold lip though, as they really make a statement with their pigmentation. 

Illamasqua offer four different formulations;

  • Original - Matte finish, highly pigmented.
  • Glamore - High pigment, moisturising, satin finish. 
  • Antimatter - A semi matte finish, highly pigmented but comfortable. 
  • Lava - Highly pigmented marbled satin lipsticks.
They do also offer liquid lipsticks, however this post would be ridiculously long, so I'm only talking about the traditional lipsticks. However just let me know if you're interested in their other lip products. I can say as someone who's not a lip gloss fan, Illamasqua will completely change your mind on that!
The Reds...

  • Box - Traditional blue red in the Original formulation. Designed by the one and only Alex Box herself and it's her signature red lip. 
  • Maneater - A subtle neutral red. 
  • Vampette - A deep vampy Glamore berry. 
  • Virgin - A blue toned red in the Glamore range. This one was designed especially to go with the Virgin Atlantic uniforms designed by Vivienne Westwood, that the Virgin staff wear. 
  • Vixen - Lava lipstick, marbled with white, creating a soft true red. This one was exclusive to the Look Fantastic 2017 advent calendar
  • Kin - A brown toned red from the Glamore range. This one was limited edition and part of the Earth Collection, I really wish they'd bring it back as I use it so sparingly now, even though it may be one of my all time favourites. 
  • Growl - An original matte dark berry red. 
  • Vega - A Glamore deep berry lipstick with slight blue undertones. Again another limited edition part of the Equinox Collection
  • Shard - A matte red toned violet, from the original range. I haven't photographed this one as mine has gone walk abouts! But I love it at this time of year, for a dark red lip.
 The Nudes...
  • Buff - A Glamore fudge brown.
  • Born - An Original formulation, rose nude. It was a part of the Dusk Collection originally but was relaunched in the Vanitas Collection with rose gold limited edition packaging. It's the only one I have stock piled! 
  • Rosepout - A your lips but better shade, a light pink Glamore. My all time favourite lipstick from Illamasqua, if you cant already tell from the state of it. If I want a nude lip, its most likely going to be this one, It's probably the one I reach for the most out of all of my lipsticks and it just never seems to end! 
  • Climax - A dusty rose pink with an Original matte formula.
  • Bare - A pink toned light brown, it has the formulation of the Original matte line. 
  • Bang - A cool toned Antimatter dark rose nude. I find this one to be almost like the darker rose toned version of Rosepout. 
  • Cherub - A Glamore Coral Nude.
  • Cosmic - An Antimatter baby blue toned pink nude. 
The Pinks and Oranges...
  • Eurydice - A bright almost neon fuchsia pink, from the Original matte formulation. 
  • Activist - A marbled bright pink, from the Lava range, it has a mixture of blues and teals running through it. This one was limited edition and a part of the Hypnotica Collection
  • Physical - A bright Antimatter, deep fuchsia shade with a blue undertone. 
  • Solar - Another bright pink Antimatter shade, however this leans towards the coral tones. 
  • Wanton - A washed out rose toned pink and an original formulation. Another relaunched limited edition from the Vanitas Collection
  • Atomic - A cool blue toned bright pink, an Original formulation, however it is frost in finish instead of the usual matte. 
  • Brink - A warm matte coral, part of the Original range. I love this one with a purple eye look and this just blotted onto the lip so its not too strong. 
  • Blaze - A matte bright orange, almost red in tone. 
  • Obey - An Original matte pale coral. 
The Others...
  • Vendetta - A cool toned bright blue Glamore. This may be one of my secret favourite lipsticks, granted not one I get a lot of wear out of, but I fell in love with it from the To Be Alive Collection. I actually did a whole post on how to make more wearable shades from it HERE
  • Eclipse - A pigmented Antimatter white. Great to mix with other shades to create lighter tones or ombre lips. 
  • Apocalips - An Original matte, cool toned teal. 
  • Kontrol - Another Original formula, this time in a dark purple shade. 
  • Posture - A cool lilac, part of the Original formulation.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Vampette, Kin, Growl, Virgin, Box, Maneater, Vixen and Vega)
(Swatches: Left to Right - Cosmic, Bare, Cherub, Buff, Rosepout, Bang, Climax and Born)

(Swatches: Left to Right - Physical, Activist, Eurydice, Atomic, Solar, Brink, Obey and Blaze)
(Swatches: Left to Right - Vendetta, Posture, Kontrol, Eclipse and Apocalips)
All of Illamasqua's lipsticks retail at £20 each. However there are quite a few currently in their sale at £10! They're definitely my favourites when it comes to pigment and longevity. Plus always keep an eye out in TK Maxx too as I've grabbed a couple recently in there, just be wary though as I left a few due to them being used/swatched! 

Eloise x


  1. Do you remember Galactic? it was a silver from way back like 2011? it was literally my favourite haha
    Its sad that the illamasqua that we knew is gone now, its rather a shame

    Andrew James -

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  3. Hey Eloise, I know this is a bit late but wanted to say how helpful this post was and that I'd love to hear your thoughts about Illamasqua's other lip products. Their lip lures might be my all time favourite lip products - I was so sad they were discontinued :(


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