Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Lush Boxing Day Sale Haul 2017


I did it, I braced the Lush Boxing Day Sale. It's a bit of a controversial subject this year, as they did only hold it in store and not online. Personally I much prefer to shop it in store every year. Mainly because my local Lush store is amazing to me all year round. Their staff have been extremely kind to me over the years and I have to say a massive thank you to Iain especially as he actually put a few bits and pieces in a basket aside for me. As he knows I haven't kept well this year and didn't want me to miss out on the couple of things I really wanted if I couldn't make it in for the 9am start.
This is probably something I'm not sure I should admit haha, but I stock piled the Christmas range so much last year, that I've hardly gotten through it. I mainly always get bath products, but unfortunately this year I've had to swap my usual relaxing bath for showers as it was too painful for me to lie in the bath. Hopefully when I'm starting to feel better I can crack out all of last years haul too and get on with using them up.

It has meant however, that the classic Christmas products I would usually stock up on in the Boxing Day Sale I haven't really needed. So I've really just gone for the new releases I really fell in love with this year.
I think its safe to say Sherbet Dip is probably my favourite bath bomb this year. I just love the concept behind it and its refreshing scent. So I did go just a teeny bit nuts on the Sherbet Dip front...

I couldn't resist stock piling a couple of the Snow Fairy Jelly Bombs too. Controversially I'm not the biggest fan of Snow Fairy, but I actually prefer it in this form over the shower Gel. I tried not to go too nuts with this one though, just as it is a wee bit of a pain in the neck to clean out of the bath.

I also grabbed a Plum Snow Bubble Bar, as Plum Rain is my favourite permanent shower gel scent that Lush do. As well as a last minute add to the basket in the form of Never Mind the Ballistics, mainly because I'd just used one on Christmas Eve and couldn't bear the thought of having one less in my stash.
I love a Lush Christmas tin. I have a couple sat in my bathroom already, protecting my current to be used up stash. I love the traditional design of Seasons Greetings and I love the goodies it house's inside. Which include Christmas Sweater, Sherbet Dip and Thundersnow Bath Bombs. The Snowman Bubbleroon, Two Front Teeth and The Man on the Moon Bubble Bars. If you'd like a little more info on them all, I have a post HERE, that rounds up all the bath products from the 2017 Christmas Range.
A bit of a go on treat yourself purchase was the Secret Garden Gift Set. My all time favourite Lush Christmas Scent is Rose Jam. So when I saw this combined with Twilight, I couldn't resist. I swear by Twilight to help me sleep, so to have a great little selection of Sleepy Body Lotion, Twilight Shower Gel and the Lavender Vida Loca Soap on hand. I know If I need that extra help to get to sleep I've got it. I'm excited to try the soap too as that's one thing I've never picked up.

It also includes Rose Jam Shower Gel, Buffy Body Butter, my favourite shampoo bar; Jason and the Argan Oil and the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. Which again I've never tried, so that completely sold it for me, as I always put off purchasing it, as it is a slightly more expensive lush product.
I grabbed a bigger bottle of Twilight Shower Gel too, just for emergencies haha. Plus I loved the Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel scent this year, plus its glittery and I'm a sucker for glitter. (The second half of my Lush roundup which covers what each scent is like for the soaps and shower gels is HERE if you're interested in what they're like.)

I really liked the scents of the Bucks Fizz Body Conditioner this year too. It's sweet but refreshing with its orange base notes. But I also went for a big tub of Once Upon a time too, as So White is a favourite scent that they hardly do anymore. So I jumped at the chance to have the crisp apple smell back in my life.
I got back ups of the Twilight and Snow Fairy Sparkle Jars, as I'm paranoid they're going to run out really quickly in their new solid form. Which is probably far from the case, but just in case!

Then finally for similar reasons, I got the Sugar Plum Fairy and Santa Baby Lip Scrubs as backups. As again I'm not sure how quickly you go through these new naked forms.

I also picked up the Shades of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh lip block. Which I know in my Christmas Round up, I said I wasn't really that interested in. When I saw it in store, I couldn't resist it's gold shimmering goodness. I've not tried any of the lush makeup in this form, so I'm intrigued to see how good it is.

The Lush Sale is still available until January 7th in stores or until stocks last. My local, Lush Buchanan Street still had lots left when I popped in, so if you fancy a couple of things be quick just in case!

Eloise x


  1. You did really well from the sale! I went along a few days after christmas and only got one small gift set! Was gutted! Normally I do a big online order and it lasts me a good few months!


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