Sunday, 10 May 2015

Illamasqua Vendetta

Hi Guys,

Last week Illamasqua launched To Be Alive, with their new lipstick, Vendetta, being quite a focal point! Being bright blue its very hard to miss, but at the same time really daunting. When I first saw it I thought, how on earth do you pull off bright blue lips... 
Ive actually realised however that it is a really great lipstick to have. If you don't want to rock blue lips very much or at all, it seems like a lot for a lipstick that'll just sit there. But actually its such a creative and handy lipstick to have sat in your stash. 
As blue is a primary colour, you can mix it with red and even yellow lipsticks to create so many combinations. I also really like it to deepen lipsticks, which is mainly what I've done as I couldn't find my yellow Revolution Lipstick to show! 

You can also use it to create lip art and even a ombre lip, just a little bit of a nude gloss, such as Illamasqua Absorb in the middle, will create a blue ombre lip! 
Vendetta on its own I find surprisingly not too bad to pull off, its different, but I kinda like it. I think with the right makeup paired with it, it won't stand out as much as you think it would. As its part of the Glamoure Range by Illamasqua, its quite creamy and so comfortable to wear, you kind of forget its there!
I also paired it with the new Shine Lipgloss from the collection too, Iridesce, which is clear with a blue shimmer running through it. I find against Vendetta it just gives it a bit more of a shine and texture, though over any other colour, especially one with a blue undertone already, it can really brighten the teeth.
To make this purple, I dabbed Vendetta very lightly under neath MAC's Girl About Town, a blue toned bright fuchsia pink. It creates such a deep purple, I also like how its a tiny bit darker in the centre. But I'd also really like to wear this with a little less blue around the edges so the pink comes through more. It would create a purple pink ombre, which would have such a bitten look to it, which was such a huge trend on the catwalks. 
I think my favourite way to wear Vendetta though is with a red. Ive used it here with Illamasqua's Box, a true matte red. I love how vampy Vendetta turns it and even though its a matte lipstick, vendetta lightly put underneath makes it so much more comfortable and just makes the overall look of it on more creamy too. This would work beautifully with shades like MAC Russian Red or just any pillar box red tone.

Im excited to delve into the options Vendetta brings, as they are endless! Just the different experiments you can do with it and create a endless amount of options just with one lipstick, its creativity in a tube! 

You can have a good look at Vendetta which is £18.50 HERE.

Eloise x


  1. All really lovely shades, it looks super useful as well as a statement alone!

  2. Oh man, I absolutely love how you've layered it over other lipsticks, I may have to purchase it just for that! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  3. Gorgeous shade! I'd never have thought this would be an appealing colour for me haha x

  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE the blue lipstick! I'm always game for trying new 'out there' lip colours and this would be perfect for me :) x

  5. Blue toned lipsticks are supposed to be the best kind because they suit almost every skin tone. This definitely seems like a good investment. Not sure if I would have the guts to pull it off on it's own though it looks gorg on you x

  6. Wow! I tried a purple lipstick once and I think that's about as bold as I could go. Like the blue under other lipsticks though.

    Young London


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