Sunday, 24 May 2015

Washing Those Makeup Brushes!

Hi Guys,

I feel like Ive been on the hunt for the perfect brush cleaner forever. As a makeup artist, I clean a ridiculous amount of makeup brushes but really thats just my own fault for having a brush buying addiction. I think Ive finally whittled it down to my favourite three and very different products that get me through cleaning my brushes!
I do love cleaning my brushes once I get into it, theres nothing better than a set of clean brushes! I clean my kit brushes after each use on a job. But then at least also once a week for a deeper clean. With my personal brushes Im a little lazier, cleaning them probably every two weeks. 
The Spot Cleaner
The MAC Brush Cleanser is a firm favourite for a lot of people, It took me a while to get it and I can really see why people love it now. It is brilliant at removing makeup quickly, especially stubborn darker pigments that can stain your brushes. After using this your brushes look as good as new, you also only need the tiniest amount, I like to just pour a little of this onto a Kleenex Facial Cloth, (just as they're thicker and don't break up easily), then I swirl my brush into it gently, removing any traces of the makeup.

The Travel Friendly Option
As I need to clean my brushes quickly a lot, I need something effective to lift the makeup out and still keep my brushes in good condition and really clean them properly. My favourite product to do this with has to be the B. Beauty Makeup Brush Cleanser. As its not a massive bottle it fits in my kit nicely, it also has a spray top making it very easy to use. Ive found my favourite way to use it is to either spray it directly onto the brush, if its stubborn or a large sized brush and then swirl into a towel until clean. I can also spray it directly onto the towel and swirl smaller brushes into the towel that way too.
The Deep Cleaning Shampoo
Possibly the quickest way to do a deep clean for your brushes now can be to use a solid brush cleanser, but the solid brush cleansers can be really expensive. Which is when I realised that really, they're exactly the same as a Lush Shampoo Bar for half the price! I use Jumping Juniper as it contains antibacterial properties to kill any nasties! I picked this up along with a tin to keep it nice and tidy. I simply wet the bar and my brush a little bit, then swirl the brush into the shampoo bar. I rinse it off under the tap not to get any water into the ferrule and repeat this until the water runs clean.

Other great products you can use to clean your brushes with include Johnson's Baby Shampoo and another blogger favourite is Dr Bronner's Magic Soap. I just prefer how compact and easy a solid brush cleaner can be. Though I am always up for trying other options! 

Eloise x


  1. Oh my! It's so smart to use a Lush shampoo bar to clean your brushes - why didn't I think of this before :D I find washing makeup brushes such a boring task that I easily "forget" to do it haha.

    Lovely post!
    Valérie | Scribbles of Valérie

  2. Very tempted to try out that MAC product! I tend to use coconut soap because it keeps the bristles nice and soft :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. I love the MAC cleanser! These are great tips!

    Stephanie xxxx

  4. I've used the MAC cleanser before but I've been wanting to try a solid brush cleanser for ages but wasn't sure where to get one from - thanks for sharing x

  5. The lush shampoo bar is such a good idea! I'll definitely be using this tip!

    lillies and lipbalm

  6. I've not tried the MAC cleanser, but I've used the BBeauty one and I'm a fan. I'd not thought about using the Lusu shampoo bars as brush cleansers, I'll be giving that a go x

    Amy / srslylou

  7. Oooh I didn't know about the B. brush cleaner. It must be fairly new! I definitely want to try it as I'm a fan of B. products. Great post :)

    Caitlin | Cosmetics, Cocktails & Cruising xx

  8. I really want to get the B Brush cleaner I've heard brilliant things about it and it's quite reasonably priced too :)
    Love Holly x


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