Wednesday, 27 May 2015

If I Won The Lottery... Wishlist

Hi Guys,

After an eventful day yesterday, I realised I'd forgotten to get my tutorial pictures. So my first makeup tutorial should finally be up on Friday. I've been in quite the spendy mood since Ive decided to start saving which is typical. I went on a bit of a window shop and thought Im just going to add everything to a basket, this is what it resulted in!
For years Ive seen the Youtubers rave about the Rebecca Minkoff Bags and its only recently Ive had a good look at them. I kind of wish I hadn't as I've fallen in love with the Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody Bag, The colour isn't something I would usually go for but I think its one of the prettiest shades of blue, It would add a little pop of colour to my usual all black wardrobe.

I absolutely love Burberry, Especially the dresses and of course my trench coat. I have even fallen in love with a few bags, but the Burberry Crepe Jumpsuit has really caught my eye. Of course its black, but I love wearing a jumpsuit and as its quite a classic thing, I don't think it wouldn't be worth the investment. 

Makeup wise I would have to pick the Charlotte Tilbury The Supermodel Box and the Tom Ford Trousseau, they both looks so sleek and expensive. I even just want the boxes for display reasons, but all that makeup too! Im not going to lie, I also love the Charlotte Tilbury one just because it plays a video...

Two things Im kind of talking myself into getting just now, but I must be good! Are the Diptyque Florabellio Perfume and Jo Malone Green Tomato Leaves Candle. Both smell so good! I was really hoping they did a jumbo version of the candle but they don't *sobs*. As well as them being another two blogger raved about products, Ive also been having a look at the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment, ever since Tanya Burr mentioned it. Though I really don't think I can justify the price!

Finally I have fallen in love with the Valentino Heels, though at my height, heels aren't really something I wear or would spend a lot of money on. So I was very excited to see the Valentino Rockstud Ballerina Pumps, a flat version of the heels! Then just for good measure, I thought I'd add another handbag to the mix! The Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Tote seems to be becoming one of those "it" bags, I just love the thought of how much stuff I could shove inside it haha!

I really think Im going to have to go and enter the lottery now....

Eloise x


  1. I like your style. Lady with expensive tastes! :D

    Bex x

  2. I really want to try the Sunday Riley Good Genes but because my skin is quite sensitive, its a lot of money to spend if it wasn't to work.

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

  3. Be still my beating heart. Gorgeous choices :)
    That supermodel box is just dreamy <3

    Gill xx EyelinerFlicks

  4. Oh, wow, they are some bloody amazing choices. If you win the lottery, can you buy them for me too, pretty please?

    Sarah x

  5. Oh how amazing would it be to win the lottery? I love those shoes and those beauty bits you chose! I think if I won I would head straight to the airport and hop on a plane to an exotic location! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  6. I love wish lists like these!

  7. I love the bag - what a pretty colour! A girl can dream eh? <3 Gisforgingers xx

  8. The Michael Kors bag would definitely also be on my lottery-win wishlist! One day...X

    A Blonde Moment

  9. I'm so in love with Jo Malone. I love smelling fresh & JM is exactly the scent you want to smell of. Perfection!
    Bee xxx

  10. love thissss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love jo malone!

  11. some great products. i would love the jo malone candle and the good genes is on my shopping list


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