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Careers In Make Up with Alex Box & Spob O'Brien

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On Friday I went down to Manchester to the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges Exchange Sqaure, so that I could go to see two of the most Inspirational Makeup Artists ever! Alex Box and Spob O'Brien, both held a talk on how makeup is a career for them but also how it is to have a career in the artistry. It was a fantastic evening and I wanted to share a bit about what they said, as they raised some very good points within the industry and just made me want to go and paint tons of peoples faces afterwards!

Alex and Spob both started the talk by telling everyone how they originated in the industry and how they knew it was what they wanted to do. Alex actually started out as an Artist and thought one day she would use the face as the canvas for her art project, which soon led to her being called a makeup artist. It was just another form of expressing creativity at the time.
Spob's story of how she started may be my favourite one as I feel like I can relate to it in a way. 
Spob started out young when putting make up on teddy bears and held clubs with all her friends in the summer, including membership cards! (Who didnt do that?!) Then having a family member/ family friend qualify in Electrolosis (hair removal!), when she was a little older. It just sparked a sense of wanting to know more, even if it wasn't down the hair removal route! Spob then talked about visiting a makeup room inside a theatre and being so mesmerised by the bottles of different products all lined up and just had to know more and how to get into doing it! So after being referred to go to college and completing three years, Spob was the qualified in Media Makeup. The way Spob was so enchanted by the room in the theatre is the way I feel when I'm in Illamasqua haha!

Inspiration was a big topic to discuss as not only are Alex and Spob huge inspirations to I bet everyone in that room and certainly me! They share their own inspiration which in turn inspires anyone who see's it. Alex finds that music is a huge inspiration, it just sets the mood, especially when on a shoot. I love the fact that each Illamasqua Campaign Shoot had its own playlist, I think this is just a fantastic way to set the scene. Both ladies agreed that their is Inspiration everywhere, especially when it comes in the form of snapping away lots of pictures. I could get lost in both Alex and Spob's Instagrams, as well as sharing makeup looks but almost just random pictures on there. But really they're not that random, a picture of a gate thats faded into different shades over the years can hold so much inspiration, the colours and even the textures can spark so many ideas. You can find Inspiration everywhere you look and listen and Alex and Spob are both fantastic at capturing it.

Another topic that was touched on that goes alongside Instagram was all about Social Media. I especially found this part of the conversation interesting as it was such an eye opener into the harsh reality of it. Not in Alex's exact words but to sum it up, Alex basically said that everything is instantly judged on social media now, wether its a like or an unlike and instant comments. It shouldn't be, it should be if you like it or even if you hate it, its your art so express it, no matter how many likes you get. This is so true, I find sometimes it can be so daunting to upload a picture of your work! "What if everyone hates it" "I like it but I don't think I should upload it". Makeup is an Art form and not everyone loves Art, its a shame that social media has both boosted the love for makeup but in a way made it so difficult to share your work. Alex has really made me realise though that wether I love it or hate it, or wether anyone else loves it or hates it, its art and it should be shared!
Lastly a question was asked to both ladies about how they feel about being such huge makeup inspirations in the industry. Now both Alex and Spob are two of the most humble people I've ever had the privilege to meet and they are so lovely that you instantly feel at ease talking to them. Neither of them consider themselves as big huge makeup artists. They're two women who are doing what they love, which I find even more inspirational haha! Spob discussed how she still asks "You want me?!" when I asked to be part of a huge job. As well as doing 5 day courses only to be asked why on earth she's doing them in the first place, but Spob just loves getting to do those types of top up courses. Alex also just considers herself an artist who just publishes what she loves and hates, just like any other artist would. As she just considers everyone an artist in there own art.

At the end of the evening everyone got to get their picture with both lovely ladies and get a little goodie bag for coming. We also got cake which I had to photograph! It was just amazing to get to hear they're take on the industry and how makeup artistry is career's wise. I really wish I could just listen to them talk all day as I really don't think you could ever get bored!

There is also one more date on the career tour and I think some tickets left and I cant recommend it enough! For tomorrow at Illamasqua Selfridges in London, there's some more Information HERE! I also really recommend checking out both Alex and Spob's work too!

Eloise x

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  1. Amazing opportunity to get to talk to your idols! I'm sure you got lots of motivation!

    xx Síle
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