Friday, 8 May 2015

My Haircare Routine

Hi Guys,

This post is inspired by the fact that I went and chopped quite a bit of my hair off yesterday! I may like doing other people's hair, but when it comes to my own Im just terrible! I find it so difficult to do so I mainly stick to the same products, I thought I'd share my favourites!
I really like quick, easy and effective products and also from the looks of things, products that smell lovely and yummy! I find that no matter your hair length, these four products are great for everyone. I also meant to include a purple shampoo in the form of Lush's Daddy O, which is fantastic for blondes, but I've unfortunately ran out at the moment!
This was the length of my hair just before it got cut, honestly cutting it all off has been fantastic. I feel lighter haha, just having that much hair was too difficult to manage, although I'll miss my ombre. I found washing it a real chore, but a product that really helped speed up the process was the Lush Shampoo Bar in Jason and the Argon Oil. Ive had this is in favourites before, as it smells like Rose Jam, which I'm addicted too. The scent also really lasts in your hair, as well as being really quick to lather up and you really don't need a lot. I find that one bar with that length of hair would last me nearly three months. Plus its the best shampoo to travel with, no spillages!

To go with it I really like the Body Shop Banana Conditioner, Ill admit right now I was awful at remembering to condition my hair. Just when your in a rush in the morning, I don't have time to slather it all on. Whenever I did though it was so worth it, again the scent lasts really well in the hair and smells so scrummy! Bananas are great for the hair as they really moisturise, so if you have dry or heat damaged hair this would be great, as it really helps to strengthen the hair. It also helps to detangle the hair, because having that much, I may as well of given up on hair brushes ever attempting it!
I have become so obsessed with the COLAB Extreme Dry Shampoo range recently, but not to use it as a Dry Shampoo. For that I do love the usual COLAB range though. But with the Extreme range, I've been loving it to add volume to the roots of my hair and just to add a bit more texture to the body of my hair. Its not sticky at all and very lightweight but really adds that little extra to the hair with the littlest amount of effort. I cant wait to use this on my hair now its shorter and will hold some waves, I think this will be the perfect product to add some texture to the waves.

Hairspray wise I love the Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray, basically who can argue with a hairspray that smells that good and actually does what it says on the bottle too. Its a strong hold spray, so I find it best to use it sparingly as I have had an incident where my hair got stuck together in a patch as I used way too much. Although it was just a big patch, it wasn't crispy, which is always a good sign! I also find with a lot of hairsprays you can smooth down flyways and then thats them popped up again practically straight away, with this once they're down, they stay down!

I actually got my haircut by Andrew from Beauty & The Boy, definitely check out his blog as he is hundred times better at describing any hair products compared to me and does a great haircut too! 

Eloise x


  1. Your hair looks GORGEOUS! My hair is around the same length as yours was & I've been debating whether to chop it or not.. You've definitely tempted me! x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  2. Your hair looks so different at this length, especially without the blonde (KEEP IT!) haha :) - I to have been adoring colab dry shampoo, gets me through the weekend :) x

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