Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Illamasqua Hypnotica

Hi Guys,

I accidentally may of taken a much longer blog break than originally planned... However as of yesterday, I have submitted all of my work for my HND and I'm ready to get back into blogging! As well as being completely ready for these Summer months and Illamasqua has everyone covered when it comes to Summer and festivals, with their new collection, Hypnotica... 
Hypnotica consists of quite a few new products for Illamasqua as well as a couple of new shades to be added to popular existing lines. Packed full of wonderfully bright shades and the perfect creamy, long lasting formulas for the hotter months. 

I've only picked up a few products from the range, however it does also include the Slick Stick in Dream - £18.50. Which is perfect for the lips and can be used on the eyes for liner too, but this shade specifically looks fantastic for drawing on freckles. As the shade itself is a creamy brown, the formulation of the Slick Sticks means that they go on really easily and can be moved around a little. But once they set, they will not budge, as are actually water resistant, so the longevity of them is brilliant. 

The collection also includes a pair of Dolly Lashes - £11, these are actually for the lower lash line to add a little bit of length and volume. Which I think are lovely and 60's inspired, yet really nice and subtle too.
If you've seen anything about Hypnotica, you've probably seen the new Lava Lip in Activist - £19.50. It's probably the most amazing lipstick to look at in my whole collection. It's just stunning, the pink, green, blue and purple swirls translate into the most gorgeous dark fuchsia pink shade. It has more of a satin finish to it, but it's comfortable to wear and highly pigmented too. 

Also for the lips are the new Lip Lure's - £19.50, there are quite a few shades in this range. However I'm going to blog about them separately, as there is specifically one shade designated to this range, called Pow. It's such a beautiful glossy bright pink liquid lipstick, which again is so pigmented that it really lasts on the lips and you really don't need a lot to make an impact with it. 
I would say that these are probably one of my favourite things from the whole collection, but I think I just love it all. However I love the Sketch Sticks - £15 for their versatility, the options are endless with these creamy, highly pigmented crayons. 

I have the shades Free; a very pretty cornflour blue and Spirit; a bright white shade. The formulation of these makes them so easy to blend and buff into the skin, they glide onto the skin from the stick with no effort at all. They are available in seven colours overall, perfect for use on the lips, cheeks and eyes. I think Spirit is a great shade to use under eye shadow as a base to brighten any shade layered over the top. Plus Free is really on trend, for all the blue looks seen at fashion week, lovely as a liner. As you can also apply these with a brush, if you want to be more precise with your application.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Pow, Free, Spirit and Activist)
Overall this is such a fun and versatile collection for Summer, there are so many different ways to wear it and I do think there's something in there for everyone. It's one of those ones that you just have to have a play about with and experiment, as well as being perfect for all the festivals coming up this summer too. I definitely cant wait to get properly stuck in and experiment with the products, so let me know if you'd like to see a post with different ways to wear them too!

Eloise x


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