Friday, 17 June 2016

Father's Day with Lush

Hi Guys,

Lush have released their first ever Father's Day collection, to celebrate this Sunday with a little more fizz! It includes lots of brand new products, some with familiar scents, as well as bringing back a slightly troublesome Oxford St exclusive which I've been desperate to get my hands on. I would lie and say I've been a good daughter and picked up some treats for my Dad, but really they're all for me! Good thing my Dad isn't much of a Lush fan!
I've only picked up four out of the seven products. There is also a whole range of Smugglers Soul products as well, but I personally am not a huge fan of the scent. However it does include the Smugglers Soul Solid Shampoo Bar - £6.95, Smugglers Soul Multipurpose Cream - £14.95 and the Smugglers Soul Facial Scrub - £8.95. 

Smugglers Soul is one of the perfumes that Lush have with Gorilla Perfumes, it was released ... and has been a popular one ever since. Due to it's deep warm scent, it's main note is Sandalwood, making it quite rich and woody. So the scent has been transferred into making these new handy haircare and skincare items for Dad. (Or if you just love Smugglers Soul!) 
I've grabbed the Thanks Dad Soap - £4.95, I must admit it's mainly because it's so cute! It's a little building block of soap, with three of the sides all spelling out Dad. It's a gorgeous, fresh scent made up of orange oil and fresh orange juice. I really love how subtle all the scents are in this collection, they're just lovely and refreshing especially as we go into the (hopefully warmer!) Summer months. 
The only Bubble Bar in the collection is The Modfather Bubble Bar - £3.65, inspired by the 1960's. Again following on with the orange theme, using Brazilian orange oil. I think its a great size, I would say I could probably get about six baths from this, but it really just depends on your personal preference when it comes to how much to use. The water also turns a gorgeous bright blue shade with this one too. 

As much as I love the Super Dad - £3.95 Bath Ballistic for such a fun and bright design, the scent that goes alongside this is fantastic. It's not really something Lush does too often, a subtle scent, but when they do, they do it so well. It's calming and soothes, with a main note of sandalwood, I find it almost quite like baby powder though. It's not really what you expect from such a bright and graphic bath bomb. It takes its time to fizz around the tub as well, again being mesmerising and soothing to watch.
Possibly the most exciting launch in this entire range, is the return of the notorious Oxford St Exclusive, Lava Lamp - £3.95. This was actually discontinued to be reformulated, as it's not only a bath bomb, but also has three bath melts inside. However the little bath melts, although tiny, really pack a punch and due to their purple colour, they were dying bath tubs and customers the same colour... Which isn't really ideal, even if it does make your bath water look like a retro lava lamp. However it's now back after it's been tweaked a little and has wiggled it's way into the Father's Day range. It has a citrus scent, based on oranges, it's not overpowering, I find it actually really quite subtle. 

Now the only thing is, that when I used this I did find it left purple marks around the side of my bath. As well as a few little patches on my skin, but it did come off with a wipe straight away on the skin. The bath took a little bit more rubbing and some warm water, but it did come off and didn't leave a permanent mark or tint to the bath. It's just maybe something to be aware of, as you do have to clean the bath immediately. I can't say that it's still the same as before, as I never actually got ahold of one of the old ones. But I didn't find the staining to be too bad, nothing that was going to cause a problem anyway. 

There are also three gift sets available, which have a selection of these products inside. If you'd like to take a peek at the whole range overall though, they can be found HERE

Eloise x


  1. I can't believe that I missed buying these!
    I know that my dad (aka me) would have loved them 😍

    Lovely blogpost ❤️
    Lots of love,


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