Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Very Lush Mothers Day

Hi Guys,

Now that Valentine's Day is over with, Lush have brought out their Mother's Day Range! This range is actually usually quite a small one, this year though Lush have upped their game and there is so many newbies to the collection!
I actually picked up one of the Mothers Day Gift Sets, aptly named Mother's Day, as my bathroom is always filled with loose Lush bits. So the tin is actually perfect to keep in the bathroom just to keep all the bits nice and fresh, you can have a look at it HERE. However it doesn't include the Yummy Mummy Shower Gel and Mother Superior Bubble Bar.
Mother Superior Bubble Bar - £3.75 HERE
This is a big Bubble Bar and you could easily get 4 baths out of it. Like a lot of this range, its very floral, it does contain lemon too though, so there is a little bit of citrus. It actually shares its scent with Sakura. It will also turn your bath blue. A lot of people have said its like a character from Adventure Time too, but is actually based on being a nun.

UltraViolet Bubble Bar - £4.75 HERE
Just like Mother Superior, this is huge! Again you can get at least 5 baths from it. I love the fact that its a violet scent as I have a soft spot for violet. Its another really floral product, it also contains jasmine. Its fresh and turns your bath a lovely shade of purple and also includes glitter, which you don't get covered in, it reminds me of a rainbow almost. 
Yummy Mummy Shower Gel - £4.75 HERE
I have never seen a Shower Gel from Lush like this one, its literally like a liquid lilac in shade. Its lovely and bright. It could almost be mistaken as a violet based smell, however its actually fruity and has the same scent as the Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar. Strangely though I love the Massage Bar, but I just cant seem to love this Shower Gel, I think its an enquired smell. My mum on the other hand, loves the smell of it. 

Rose Bombshell Bath Ballistic - £3.50 HERE
If you've read a few of my past Lush posts or ever heard me in Lush, then you may know how obsessed I am with the Rose Jam scent. It kills me a little inside when its discontinued for another year after Christmas. So when I heard there was a Rose Bath Ballistic... Its actually a really big Bath Ballistic, Rose products can usually be quite expensive, but for the size its a great price. Its lovely and soft on the skin and also has rose petals inside, its a very relaxing bath.
Rose Bubble Bar - £2.95 HERE
I was so excited when I heard this was back, it was part of the Mothers Day Range last year. Although its one of the cheaper products in the range, it is a lot smaller. You may be able to get about 3 baths from it, which I don't really mind as it is so cute. The design is actually based on Beauty and the Beast.

Secret Garden Bath Ballistic - £2.95 HERE
Another one from last years range and actually another favourite of mine, so its always  nice when they bring them back. Just like Rose it is very small compared to your usual Lush Bath Ballistic. Rose in scent and goes lovely with the Rose Bubble Bar to give you a very rosy forest green bath.

Sakura Bath Ballistic - £3.35 HERE
This was a part of the Mother's Day Gift Set and is actually a permanent addition to the Lush range. If you liked the Floating Flower from the Valentines Range, this shares its scent with it. Its an uplifting scent, with Japanese cherry blossom. 

If I was only allowed to recommend three products from this range, which is extremely difficult, I think I would have to choose Rose Bombshell Bath Ballistic, Rose Bubble Bar and Secret Garden Bath Ballistic. I really do have a rose obsession... 

Eloise x


  1. I agree they have upped their game this year! The mothers day range is soo cute. I picked up the yummy mummy and ultra violet - they smell amazing. xo

  2. My mum loves lush now - i got her hooked haha and I didnt even think of this as a gift until i read your post so thank you and i will be picking up something for myself too!

  3. the mother superior one looks so cool! I Love lush so much, and this range looks like another one of their great ones!

  4. I love the look of mother superior, but I've already started stocking up on ultraviolet - I'm already completely in love with it!

    Sammy xo.

  5. I've just picked up the Ultraviolet bubble bar and I cannot wait to use! xx

    Tanya Noreen XO

  6. ooooh these looks so good! I've been hearing a lot about Lush lately and I cant believe I still havent gotten anything! I should hang my head down in shame haha! These looks so pretty and I know my mom would love all of these! I definitely am quite fascinated with the Rose bubble bar its so gorgeous! The prices are super chic which makes me happy for my wallet haha!

    Ok I'm sold I'm gonna be getting some nice little additions to my mom...and myself bath necessities! Thanks for sending over you link for #bdib!

    Jasmine :)
    Color U Bold

  7. Oooh I love the look of the Rose Bubble Bar! I can't believe I haven't tried any of their bubble bars yet. These all look great. Thanks for the review :)

  8. I love the lush gift sets, they always smell so good :)

  9. Oh my goodness this all sounds so incredible you've made me want to try it all!! I'm definitely going to have to get the shower gel it sounds like such a gorgeous smell :)
    Love Holly x

  10. They all look so lovely, definitely need to pay lush a visit sometime soon!

  11. I swear, the Lush seasonal collections get lovelier each year! I adore the look of the Mother's Day products, I think I may end up buying lots for myself never mind my mum (sorry, mum haha!) x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

  12. Ooh they all look so pretty, I think I might end up purchasing the mother day collection for myself. ha x

    Unfashionable Sundays

  13. Ultra Violet looks stunning, and I totally understand the Adventure Time impression from Mother Superior haha! Might have to pick up some of this collection for myself (my mum isn't a huge fan of Lush, in fact she normally passes anything she gets given from there to me!!)

    Milly // Mini Adventures


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