Sunday, 15 February 2015

Love Tanya

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd give Love Tanya, Tanya Burr's new book a review. Which is a little different for me, so I hope you enjoy. But as you may know from a couple of previous posts, Ive been following Tanya for quite some time now and I couldn't not read her new release! 
I know theres a lot of controversy over Youtubers and books recently, but personally I've been loving the ones I have read so far. Love Tanya is no exception and its been a pleasure to read.
I have been watching Tanya for five years now and so I was very excited to hear about her book, which is such a mixture of different things and gives quite an insight into things that Tanya hasn't shared before. From more personal things to great tips and really yummy recipes too!

The book is split into twelve chapters which cover Tanya's childhood, her top tips for Beauty, Hair, Skincare and Fashion. Which are really helpful, they give basic tips to Tanya's favourite pieces too. There is also little tutorials on a few hair looks, which are really simple but look lovely and for someone like me who really hates styling their own hair, these are fantastic.
The book also has little sections in each chapter either that peek into Tanya's top tens on tips, memories and favourites. But really helpful when it comes to product recommendations. It also has little sections where you can write down your top tens or little notes, each not section has a little question, encouraging you to join in with the book.
One of my favourite chapters however has to be the baking chapter, packed full with chocolate! Thank you Tanya!
I actually made her star sprinkled cupcakes, which were really simple to make but delicious to eat! Ive been eyeing up the Sunday Cake recipe too because well it looks amazing and its covered in chocolate! Chocoholic over here!!
As well as the fun chapters, there is a number of more serious chapters. Tanya covers her issues with dealing with anxiety, which are actually quite comforting to read if you suffer from it and Tanya doesn't usually go into much detail about this part of her life on her Youtube channel. But the book also covers Youtube its self and what she's experienced from it and what else she would like to experience in the future. It was also really lovely to read the chapter about her and Jim and what Tanya has planned for them together in the future.

This book overall has been a really easy read, but very informative. Its such a mixture of different aspects which makes it really different to what I've read before. The photography that is also in the book is beautiful and I'd personally buy it just to stare at the pretty pictures all day haha! Im looking forward to now moving on to reading Fleur De Forces Glam Guide now!

You can get Love Tanya HERE. (Which is also currently discounted!)

Eloise x


  1. This is a great insight into the book, I love Tanya's channel and have been swithering for some time on whether or not to buy her book, but this has been a great review, I think I'm sold!

    Hannah xx

    Hannah | Granite City Girl

  2. Nice blog post! X i got today Love Tanya book on her signing. And just started to read, but already love it! :)

  3. Wow she looks amazing!! Probably not a book I will be picking up myself but glad to hear you liked it! Xx

  4. I actually used to watch Tanya but I don't anymore so I don't think I'll be picking her book up, but its nice to have a little sneak peek into the book and what you thought! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  5. I think this looks like a really nice book, I'd love to read it! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  6. I am yet to pick this up! looks great!

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