Friday, 31 October 2014

Illamasqua Beauty School Drop In and Haul

Hi Guys, 

Over the past few months I've slowly collected quite a few bits from Illamasqua, As we had moved and I didn't have much to do other than unpack or shop. I did quite a bit of shopping... especially at Illamasqua. Team that with the amazing collections they've released these past few months and a sale, I just couldn't resist! 
The Christmas Collection landed, Facets, and as soon as I saw the bag I was like I NEED IT!!!! Of course I don't after just getting my Zoella one, but I don't buy many and as you might be able to tell, I'm a little Illamasqua crazy! I just couldn't not get it, Illamasqua could release a Fridge with Illamasqua on it and I'd probably convince myself I need it.

Its quite the bit smaller than I expected but its such a beautiful quality and is quite easy to wipe down too after you get it covered in make up! Its great to throw in your handbag as its just the right size but because its such a nice quality I think its quite durable too.
A few months back Illamasqua had one of there amazing sales, I kept saying I'd get another palette and never ever did. So when the Compliment palette was in the sale, plus its purple I just couldn't leave it! The shades in it are beautiful and theres so many options! Plus you get two shimmery shades, a matte shade and a liquid metal! I think I might end up getting one for my kit. 

Me and false lashes dont mix very well, so to suddenly get probably the most dramatic lashes Illamasqua do was a bit of a crazy decision for me. But I always hear and see people with the Lush lashes and again them being in the sale I just decided to get them, put them away and maybe give them a go once I'm a little more confident.
I had my make up done by Zoe Peplow, the Brand Ambassador for Illamasqua the other week. I wanted to learn how to use green on my eyes as I steer very clear of it. So she suggested using a red brown shade with it. Which is where Forgiveness Powder Shadow came in, over the top of Bibleot cream shadow.

Zoe also paired it with Fervent Pure Pigment, I nearly have a full collection of these just because I love them so much, They're glitter! How can you not love them. Its like a loose pigment version of MAC Club, its brown based with a green running through it, depending on what light and angle you look at it depends what colour it shows up as.

I think I've mentioned before my struggle with dark circles, It's kind of ridiculous how many concealers Ive tried at covering them and It's been quite a mission. However Ive never tried the Illamasqua ones, Skin Base Lift, Zoe used Light 1 & 2 on me the other night and I couldn't believe how well they covered! They have a peach tone to them which contour acts the blueness, Light 1 is great to lighten the area, then Light 2 on any stubborn darkness that Light 1 hasn't covered.
I went along to the Halloween Beauty School Drop In, Which I have to admit is probably one of my favourites every year. This year there was four looks (Clockwise) The Joker, Baby Doll, The Skull and The Countess. I got to see a more detailed version of the Skull created by Jaime from the Glasgow counter, who was wearing the Baby Doll look. Plus Laura created the Joker and had on the Countess Look. I definitely recommend going along to the next Beauty School Drop In on the 7th of December for Christmas!

Plus when you spend so much at the Beauty School Drop In (Which is free by the way!!) you get a free gift, Which was the Bat Lashes. Very fitting for halloween, probably just the same as the Lush lash these will get tucked away till I have a eureka eyelash moment haha.

You can get all the bits Ive picked up over the past few months HERE. Plus check out the timetable for the Christmas Beauty School Drop In HERE.

Eloise x

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