Sunday, 12 October 2014

Halloween with Lush

Hi Guys,

I finally got to Lush the other day, I've been dying to go ever since it launched but I was in London. I ran in, grabbed a basket and filled it up. Today I've just got the halloween things to show you, I thought I'd save the Christmas bits for a little later on.

I went in wanting four of the halloween things from the range, but the one I was after the most was out of stock which is typical! But oh well, I may have to quickly pop in tomorrow and pick up Northern Lights if they have it!
I picked up two of the bubble bars, which were just way too cute not to pick up! Especially the Wizard he's so adorable! 

Sparkly Pumpkin - £3.50
Covered in gold glitter, which I love! It does go everywhere though, be prepared to sparkle! It shares the same scent as the Mr. Punch soap from last year. I do like the scent I wouldn't say its my favourite, I do prefer it a lot more than I thought I would. It has a scent of lime and grapefruit that you definitely pick up. It creates quite a bit of bubble while turning your bath a orange sparkly amazingness!

Wizard - £3.25
I feel so bad using him, he's too cute to break in half and crumble up! When you eventually do though, he turns the bath a great purple colour. I'd say you can get about three baths out of him, He smells fantastic and is great to wake you up a bit as its so fresh!
Now this is probably the one I was most excited for, I just love the bath bombs!

Sparkler - £ 3.50
Now I love the Rose Jam shower gel scent, so for this to be the same scent, I just can't contain my excitement for this! It turns the bath a golden shade and crackles as it goes round the bath as it contains popping candy. It puts the sparkle into sparkler too with the golden glitter in the centre! 

I think this may be one I have to stock up on, although its also staying till Christmas even though its part of the Halloween range, YAY!

Theres also another bath bomb, Lord of Misrule and Fairy Ring soap in the range.

You can get all the bits I picked up, plus the Northern Lights Bath Bomb and the rest of the range right HERE.

Eloise x


  1. I've been trying to find some lush bath bomb reviews- thanks for this! I love the sound of all of these so i might as well get them all?! Hehe.

  2. The "Wizard" looks so lovely! I really want to try it!
    You have such a nice blog!:)
    Rachel x


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