Sunday, 28 September 2014

Where Have I Been?!

Hi Guys,

This seems kind of strange to be writing again, its been so long! Four months to be exact! Can't believe it, but a lot has gone on and blogging sadly became a bit of a difficult task! Firstly I moved to a whole new Country, which resulted in me losing the cable for my camera, with all my blog photos being on the camera! 

Due to moving I had to finish college quicker which was a bit hectic! But finally I've unpacked and found the elusive cable, YAY!

Also I got a new Domain name and hopefully a brand new blog design very soon! 
I was off in London three times! Which was crazy and great fun, I love London and can't wait to go back next week!
First for One Direction, This just reinforced my love for Mr Harry Styles, I have no words other than he's hilarious and such an amazing singer in person even with a sore throat!

Then it was back again for Imats, Got to meet David Horne, The creator of the Illamasqua Products and Spob O'Brian, Plus Mark Bowles. I was thinking of doing a post on this, be sure to let me know if you'd like that.

Of course I had to pop into Selfridges while I was there, I loved the window display for the Blogger Girl Meets Bug. The pastel vintage style girls were so cute, not a massive fan of the huge bugs but ill excuse that for how amazing the rest of it is!

Lastly I was in London for Summer In the City, The British Convention/Meet Up for Youtubers, It was stressful, Involved queuing sometimes for 5-6 hours. Plus it was at Alexandra Palace a massive hill in London that was rather cold to stand outside and wait, team that with a massive thunder storm, meant I went to meet Jim Chapman looking like a drowned rat. It was amazing to meet people I've watched for years who have been such an inspiration, Just a little saddening that it was a bit poor in organisation.
There was also a last minute decision to go to T in the Park, By last minute I mean 1am we bought the tickets and at 5am we were up to go get the bus! It was an amazing time and I highly recommend it, just maybe get your tickets a little earlier... Disclosure were the highlight and Im so desperate to see them again, Bastille and the Kaiser Chiefs were also amazing!
I also turned 18 which equalled birthday cake, My mum got me one with Hobbie Stuart on, which I could barely eat because I wanted to keep it! Which is kinda weird.. I also got beautiful flowers from my Dad, Couldn't bear for them to die though. 
Taken by Jaye at Jaye's Journal

Finally I also went back down south to go to the Sheffield Blogger Meet Up! Which was so much fun and was hosted by the lovely Siobhan from The Beauty Baker, It was so lovely to meet everyone too! I'm going to put a post up soon about the event, even if it is nearly two months late sorry!

I have lots of posts lined up so hopefully I won't be having a break from blogging like this for quite a while! I've definitely missed it and its good to be back!

Eloise x


  1. Welcome back!! Where did you move from/back to? ;)

    1. Thank you! I moved back to Glasgow, after a long time living in England, not that I didn't like living in England, just love Glasgow so much :)

      Eloise x

  2. Sound like you got up to some lovely things in the last couple months! I'd love to see the posts about iMats and the meet up, even if they are a little late, I love those kind of reads :)

    Sarah xo || time to see the stars ||

    1. It's been amazing but hectic! I will definitely have them up soon, Hopefully this week! Just have so many post ideas and so little time!

      Eloise :) x


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