Wednesday, 3 June 2015

May Favourites

Hi Guys,

How is it June already?! I feel like it was just Christmas the other week, this year is flying in at an insane rate! I guess its time for my May Favourites and I think this last month might of been the best month for me trying different things. I had gotten caught in a product rut, but last month I just liked switching everything up!
 This month's favourites are such a huge mixture of Beauty, Music, Events and Tv. Ive enjoyed so much in May and I hope June is just as jam packed with favourites. Though its already the 3rd and I can already think of a couple!
 A monthly favourites for me isn't a monthly favourites without my Illamasqua mention! Ive fallen head over heels for their latest product to contour the skin naturally. Im personally not a huge fan of a very heavy everyday contour, but its nice to have cheekbones and the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt gives me that quickly and easily. It takes something ridiculous like 30 seconds to give me a contoured look in the morning and it deserves worshiping just because of that.

Another new Illamasqua product Ive been loving is the Nail Polish in Prismatic , I did a full review on the new range HERE. But Ive been loving this duo chrome blue for the first few weeks in May and I was constantly re applying, week after week. That isn't something I usually do as I love changing my nail colours, but Prismatic in all its Unicorn like glory has won my heart. 

Lastly for my Illamasqua favourites, is the Highlighter Brush. I use this to buff in my foundation, mainly Skin Base, and it gives the most beautiful finish to the skin. Its very multipurpose as I can powder with this and apply blush. I just chuck it in my handbag a long with my eye shadow blending brush and thats all the brushes I need for the day. 
 My favourite lipstick has to of been MAC Velvet Teddy, I put off trying this for so long because I didn't want to fall for the Kylie Jenner lip hype. Im so annoyed now that I didn't use it sooner, its made me fall in love with the 90's lip. Ive loved pairing it oddly enough with the Collection Eyebrow Definer  in blonde, but not on my eyebrows but as a lip liner! Ive really loved having this lip with either a winged liner or a really dark eye, even a purple eye, Its a really versatile combination.

On my eyes Ive been gravitating more towards using my old Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette, though Ive really only been using the Urban Decay Shadows in Bust, Midnight Rodeo and Sin. I have been loving a couple of others, but they don't seem to do those shades anymore, so I thought I'd leave them out. 
As you may of seen in a post (HERE) a few weeks ago, I chopped my hair off! Even before I chopped it off though, COLAB Extreme has become a fast favourite. My two favourite scents are Rio and New York. 

Then If I haven't had on Illamasqua Prismatic Ive been wearing the Tanya Burr Polish in Little Duck. I always like to wear mint polishes when it gets closer to summer, not that we've seen much of a Spring or Summer yet!

Another long time favourite singer of mine is Hobbie Stuart, I really don't not love a single one of his songs and covers, But this month I've had both his cover of See You Again and What Time Do You Call This? on repeat constantly. 
At the start of May I watched the whole of the Netflix series Daredevil in a week, I really wish I hadn't as now I have to wait till next year for the next series. But it is fantastic! I am a huge Marvel/ Superhero fan and Daredevil is no exception. I cant recommend watching it enough, but be warned it is addictive!
Lastly I couldn't not mention going to Manchester and meeting Alex Box and Spob O'Brian as a favourite. I could listen to both of these lovely ladies talk for hours and had the best night with them and the girls from college. I cant recommend both of them enough as exceptional inspiration women! I did a full write up post about what was discussed that night HERE if you're interested! 

Eloise x


  1. Sounds like you had a busy month with lots of beauty products to fill it! I am desperate to get my hands on Velvet Teddy! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Can't believe its June, crazy but wheres the sunshine? Loving the colour of that nail polish!

  3. I love that you've added music and tv as well as beauty in your may faves. It's crazy how quick this year is going. I absolutely love Colab dry shampoo it's my fave brand for it now. I'm a marvel fan too and I keep meaning to watch daredevil it looks so good! xo

  4. How gorgeous is the Illamasqua varnish?! Wow. I also absolutely love Hobbie Stuart, he's constantly on repeat. ♥

    Amy |

  5. I much prefer using cream, cheek products in the warmer months as they're so much more flattering, so I'll have to get my hands on that Illamasqua Gel Sculpt Stick! I think I might have to embark on a Daredevil marathon this weekend, too! ;)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  6. That eyeshadow pallete and the velvet teddy is on my to buy list, but velvet teddy is sold out near me.


  7. I have the bunny nightlight too! He's my anti nightmare light. :D

  8. i need to get my hands on CoLab! sounds amazing

    lillies and lipbalm

  9. I love the CoLab dry shampoos, I haven't used the ones with extra volume yet but I'll have to give them a go

    Emma emhasrednails


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