Friday, 26 February 2016

Big News & an Update!

Hi Guys,

I've been a bad blogger this year and really not stuck with my blogging goal of posting regularly! Now that's actually an understatement haha. However things are going to change, starting from Sunday I have two weeks off from work, ready to binge write posts to my heart's content! 

I have had so many idea's for posts and just no time to do them, so I am super excited to get on and start posting again. Especially with some more budget friendly posts coming up and just trying a few new bits and bobs. I've really missed the blogger community and I'm prepared to get back into the loop. I'm also going to try and pre write some posts too so that if another busy spell of work and college hits, my blog won't take the downfall from that.

But things are brightening up, my assignment folders are handed in, I'm getting into a routine at my new job and maybe most excitingly...
I've made the finals for the Illamasqua Student competition!! Which means the absolute world to me, as if you've been reading my blog for a while, its no secret how much I love Illamasqua. So to be recognised by them for my work, is just insane! Especially as I probably wouldn't of learnt as much as I have or of even been as inspired as I am to follow a career in makeup artistry, the support they have given to me over the years has been amazing and this is just the cherry on top! 

It's now down to the public votes, which shut at 5pm GMT on Monday the 29th of February. If you could spare a little like for my look over at the Illamasqua Facebook page - HERE, I really wouldn't be able to thank you enough for the help to reach the final goal! To get to train in their school of makeup artistry would be a dream come true!

Here's to exciting times and new posts ahead!

Eloise x


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