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Tanya Burr Cosmetics: Soft Luxe

Hi Guys,

It's been almost a year since Tanya Burr relaunched her cosmetics line and the highly anticipated new collection has arrived and from the sounds of things, this is only just the start! It's a capsule collection, consisting mainly of matte products. Although the eye shadow palettes do include a selection of shimmer shades too.
The whole collection, from the actual product itself to the packaging, is beautiful and soft. The colours do vary from pastels and neutrals, to slightly more muted brights. The packaging is gorgeous and glitzy, with metallic accents and cute little polka dots. Plus to make the lip glosses and polishes distinctive, compared to the original bottles, they have been frosted over to give them a matte finish. 
 Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Palette - £6
There are two palettes in the collection, however I've only picked up Birthday Suit at the moment. Each palette contains four shadows, a mixture of matte, satin and shimmer finishes. The shades are made up of lovely dusty pinks and warm brownish tones. There are Marzipan; a subtle champagne, Toast; a pink toned soft brown, Soft Truffle; a warm rich brown and Cocoa Sugar; a shimmery brown with a slight silver glitter. Each shade blends beautifully and are highly pigmented, with little to no fall out. 

The second palette is Enchanted Dream, which contains more pink and plum shades, as well as a really nice all over the lid cream shade, which would make a great base for the other shades. 
 Soft Luxe Matte Nail Polish - £4.99
The three nail polishes are all matte and really suit the Enchanted Dream palette. There is New Chapter; a grey toned lilac, Soft Pyjamas; a dusky pink and Pillow Talk; a muted berry. The formulation of these polishes means that they dry really quickly, which is great if you need a quick manicure, as you can really rely on these. The longevity of them isn't bad, they last for around three days before chipping. I think unless you apply a matte topcoat over the top of them, it might be difficult to increase the wear time. 
Soft Luxe Lip Gloss - £5.99
The Soft Luxe Lip Glosses are the new matte liquid lipsticks on the market, there are currently three shades. Though I'm really hoping the colour range expands, as the formulation is lovely for the price. They're not sticky at all once applied and dry quickly too, without leaving the lips feeling dry either. The colours include Puppy Paws; a bubblegum pink, Martha Moo; a pink toned brown and Rhubarb & Custard; a brighter coral pink. Although they are all highly pigmented, Puppy Paws does go a little streaky on application unfortunately and I do find that the more you layer them, they don't sit quite right. But I've had no issues with Martha Moo and Rhubarb & Custard, as you only really need one layer of those.

I think applying Puppy Paws with a lip brush really helps, which is a shame as the applicator on the glosses is actually really good. It's a flat dofut applicator, which makes it really easy to line the lips and then fill them in quickly and effortlessly. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Cocoa Sugar, Soft Truffle, Toast, Marzipan, Puppy Paws, Martha Moo, Rhubarb & Custard)
Overall Martha Moo has stolen my heart and the Birthday Suit palette is fantastic, for a quick everyday eye. Though I think I'm going to have to give in and pick up the Enchanted Dreams palette, the plums are just too pretty to miss out on!

The collection is available from both Feel Unique and Superdrug.

Eloise x


  1. This whole collection looks dreamy! Only thing I don't like is the cardboard packaging on the eyeshadows!

  2. That birthday suit palette does look gorgeous!

    All of the collection is so Instagram-able! I have to admit though I wasn't sold on the first release of lipglosses! I thought they were really sticky!

    Lovely blogpost!
    Francesca xx


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