Friday, 12 April 2013

MUA Power Pout

Hi Everyone,

I'm back! Sorry for the longer than expected break, I just didn't know what to blog about and got in a bit of a blogging muddle. But yesterday I ran out for these, The new MUA Power Pouts, Ive been desperate to get these and they've reignited my blogging ideas! 
Runway - This is the red of the group, Id say its more of a orange based red, I struggle with reds and with orange so I'm hoping this will be a colour that will suit me, because I fell in love when swatching it.
Irreplaceable - This one is a Baby Pinky Violet, This is quite a nice colour for spring and just a natural pink kind of look for the daytime too.

Crazy in Love - This has to be my favourite from the whole collection, probably joint with Broken Hearted, Its a lovely Raspberry Red/Pink Colour which I kinda wish I had back around the winter time and not spring, But I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of this one.

Justify - Is the Orange of the group, I'm not a big fan of orange lips as I just don't think they suit me but I love this colour, It might sway me to the orange bandwagon!
Rendezvous - Rendezvous was the one I was most scared off, But it happily surprised me, I thought it would be one of those nudes that just washes you out. But I found it was more of those my lips but better shade, Its more of a peachy nude.
Broken Hearted - This one is one of my favourites from the whole collection, Its a lovely dark pink, One of my all time favourite lip colours, so I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this one!
I wasn't expecting these to be quite so pigmented, which is a plus. They have a really nice minty smell and taste but that doesn't last too long I found. They feel really moisturising on, I wasn't expecting it at first, They did keep my lips moisturised for quite a while, Which is a achievement with my super dry lips. Plus the colour range is pretty good and varied.

I love the packaging, The only downside is the lid isn't very secure on some, My Runway has taken a hit for the worse after being dropped... oops. So just watch out, I'm not sure if it is just my one though. 

Overall I think Ive fallen in love with yet another lip product... oops :/ . 
These are great value though at £3 and are available here.

Have you tried any of these? Which one is your favourite?

Eloise x


  1. They look so pretty! It's great to see MUA taking note of other products and dupeing them for lower prices :) Great post Eloise :)

    Megan x

    1. Thanks Megan, Sorry for the late reply, having computer issues. I love MUA for the same reason, they'll always be a firm favourite I think!

      Eloise x


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