Friday, 16 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

Hi Everyone!,

The Maybelline Baby Lips have finally landed in the UK!, These have to be one of the most hyped up beauty products ever and its taken it I think a year to arrive in the UK. Finally! So of course I have fallen for the hype and had to go pick some up to try for myself. 

Maybelline have released six of the baby lips in the UK, The names like usual have changed on one of them, Hydrate (Known as Quenched in America), Mint Fresh (Which is known as Peppermint), Then there is Intense Care, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, Cherry Me and I'm a bit disappointed Grape Vine never made it over to the UK though. 
I decided to get Mint Fresh, Peach Kiss and Hydrate. I did want to get Pink Punch and Cherry Me but both were out of stock. Mint Fresh of course tastes and smells like peppermint, Peach Kiss again smelling like peach, I wouldn't say it tastes much like peach though. Then Hydrate smells like orange to me, but its in fact lemon and basil, You can kinda taste that though when its on. 
Both Mint Fresh and Hydrate are clear balms, They have SPF 20 in them too, Unlike Peach Kiss which is tinted and doesn't have an SPF, They Claim to have eight hours worth of moisture in each use, That's definitely not the case, I found myself wanting to apply more of the Hydrate balm after an hour and a half, They probably last two hours at the most before topping up. 
Peach Kiss comes out as a nude peach subtle colour, with quite a sheen to it. It's not got any where near the pigmentation of something like the Revlon Lip Butters, but these are just a balm, Its a nice everyday colour, perfect for school. I tried to swatch it but 1) My iPhone camera didn't really pick it up and 2) It's still rather sheer. 

They are currently on 3 for 2 in Boots in the UK just now - Here, For £2.99 they're really not that bad, they just claim more to be more moisturising than they actually are.

I think I'll pick up Pink Punch and Cherry Me for those days that you just want a bit of a tint, Both of those colours do seem to be a bit more pigmented though anyway. Plus I forgot to mention they incredibly cute packaging! That definitely pulls you in. I like them, I don't love them but neither do I hate them, They're good for the price and the tinted colours are quite nice, I'd recommend trying one if you like the sheer balm type products. 

What do you all think of them? Is it another over hyped product?

Eloise x


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