Friday, 9 August 2013

MUA One Direction Little Things

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd review a "little" boy bands make up line today, after trying to track down bits from it for a week or so. I've finally got my hands on some of the One Direction bits!
The One Direction by MUA line contains five lipsticks, five lip polishes and five nail polishes, each one for a different member of the band. Then there is also three cheek tints too, plus I noticed that there'll also be a few nail art bits added hopefully later on to the line! These are the few bits I got:
Firstly two of the lipsticks in Be Mine (Harry) and Moments (Niall), Be Mine being a blue toned red. When you do look at it in the tube though it does look to have a slight red sort of shimmer to it, But that doesn't show when worn. Then Moments is more of a pinky nude colour, great for just everyday wear. Both lipsticks are very pigmented, Plus how cute is the engravings on the lipsticks! I see a slight MAC resemblance in the packaging though...

Then I have the Niall Loves... Cherry Lip Polish, MUA did these before in different shades for the Love Heart Collection. I loved them then, I love them now. This is a fuchsia shade, it's pigmented for a sheer product, I also don't find the lip polishes sticky, which is always a plus! The taste reminds me of a cherry bakewell, which I like but others might not.
I picked up one of the cheek tints, The pigmentation of these is amazing! Really the swatch below is one swipe!! This is the shade Rose Riot, Which is like a nude rose shade, it has a slight sheen but blends lovely into the skin. Its a very day time wearable shade, when using a little bit, which could be built up too for a stronger look. 

Then finally I picked up a Little Things Nail Polish in Fuchsia Frenzy (Harry), I have to be honest the fact this was Harry drew me in, plus it is a shade I will definitely wear too. I only needed two coats, Which dried pretty quickly. Plus I much prefer this nail polish packaging to the MUA £1 line, The brush is a bazillion times better!
(Swatches: Bottom to Top - Be Mine Lipstick, Moments Lipstick, Rose Riot Cheek Tint, Niall Loves... Cherry Lip Polish. Then on the Right - Fuchsia Frenzy Little Things Nail Polish)

Each product is very affordable too, A bit more expensive than the other MUA bits, But still affordable.

Lipstick's - £3, here.
Lip Polishes - £2.50, here.
Cheek Tint's - £3, here.
Nail Polishes - £3, here.

This collection from MUA has to be one of the most talked about and most wanted collection ever, I Like One Direction but I'm no super fan, (Even if I did pick the nail polish for Harry). A lot of people didn't seem to like the collection if you weren't a One Direction fan, but really! If you can get over the one direction names, these are amazing for the price and I will definitely be getting more!

What are your favourite bits from the new One Direction Make up line? Plus what do you think about it?

Eloise x



  1. what store did you pick these up at?

    1. Just at my Local Superdrug, I think most Superdrug's stock it, otherwise I think its online at Superdrug :)

      Eloise x

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