Sunday, 19 January 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balms!

Hi Guys,

I've been so excited for these to launch in the UK! Now they're here!, Plus they're a week early! They technically don't launch in the UK till the 22nd of January, but they're online at and I found some in store!

Theyve brought out two new types to go with the originals, Matte and Lacquer. There are in the Matte Range and then in the Lacquer Range, I think I may have a new love in these!

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in 105 Demure

Demure is a very sheer light pink and after looking at one or two of these in store they seem to have a slight shimmer in the bullet, when swatched though its not like a shimmer and glitter overload it just looks glossy and shiny sort of like a gloss, basically exactly what it says on the tin. The packaging is lovely, I'd say they definitely look more high end than they are. The only downside is they're a nightmare to photograph haha!

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 205 Elusive

Out of the Matte offerings I picked up Elusive which is more creamy and just what it says, matte. The packaging a long side it is also matte, which I love, I do find it doesn't slip when you hold it as much, not that that's usually a problem anyway. The actual shade for me is just sort of like a your lips but better yet matte shade haha. its a light Rosie pink, I'd say its more brown toned. 

(Swatches: Left to Right - Demure and Elusive)

I really want to pick up Complex from the Matte Line which is a nude and Standout also Matte which is a red, but do I really need another red matte lipstick? I will definitely need to get my hands on Complex though! They both also have a peppermint scent to them which is rather nice. 

Both are available at for £7.99 - HERE

Eloise x



  1. I ordered 3 of these the other day, the lacquer balm in the shades Demure and Coquette and Standout from the matte range - it's a really gorgeous deep red! You are right about them being a nightmare to photograph though ;) x
    Alison Speaks Beauty

  2. They both look like gorgeous shades! X
    Elise -

  3. These are such gorgeous shades! I have yet to try them out, but I have my eyes on a couple of shades.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  4. Loving the look of these, looks so good and well pigmented. I prefer crayony type lipsticks as well because I find them easier to apply! Lovely review!

    Kassie - xx

  5. I keep seeing these everywhere and I'm definitely close to cracking and buying them! Love the colours you got, I really want shameless - the purple one!
    Sophy xo | Lashes and Splashes

  6. Really love these, I've got one of the original ones but really need to get some matte ones in my life! They look beautiful. Danielle xx

  7. I just love the Matte Balms! The packaging even makes me happy haha!

    Shelley x

  8. Can't wait to try these, Elusive looks lovely :)

  9. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these! I'm a new follower :)

    Sarah xx
    I'm having a drugstore giveaway at the moment!

  10. Demure looks right up my street! I might be tempted to buy it oops :o x

  11. Can't wait to find the matte ones in my local store. I need them ALL. xo

  12. I think Demure looks so pretty! Definitely think the lacquers will be my favourite out of the two types! :) xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles


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