Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lush Sale Haul!

Hi Guys, 

This is a little late, seeing as I did plan to put this post up probably around a week ago, But its Lush and its never too late for Lush! Basically I always have an excuse to do anything that involves Lush, (Lush Addict as you can probably already tell from my insane amount of rambling about them on here...). Anyway this is what I picked up in their recent sale!

I picked up a few individual pieces and then a set, I also got another set that I've sort of included as a Christmas present/ Prize too.

Firstly out of the individual bits I picked up a few I haven't tried yet, some new favorites and some old in the form of...

So White Bath Ballistic -  This is the apple scented one, that this year changes pink! Which is new, but this is an old favorite as its so fresh and I accidentally added four to my basket and got a little carried away...

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar - If you've read my past post's on my blog you'll know this little guy, He's one of the Lush Bubble Bars and has the scent of their Olive Branch Shower Gel, He's extremely cute and I couldn't not stock up!

Hagen Bath Bath Ballistic - I have never heard of this, I don't even think I've seen it? I've got a feeling its from the Retro Range from Lush? All I know is it smells good and reminds me of mints, anyone know anything else about it? haha

Rose Jam Shower Gel - I sniffed this in store and loved it! I think its new, but oh my god it smells like jammie dodgers to me. anyone else think that? I really don't want to run out of this, it smells too good to be limited edition!

Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt - I always put off getting this at Christmas time due to the fact it covers your bath in glitter and my mum would of killed me for making such a mess, So when my mum got me two I don't think she realised the mess it makes either... I'm excited to try it though as well its glittery and turns your bath turquoise and its a nice smelling bath melt!

I then also picked up the Sweet Christmas Gift Set as all the Gift sets were half price as well as individual Christmas products, I did get a couple of things twice, like the Rose Jam Shower Gel, but I also got quite a few things I've not had in ages or never even tried before! In this set there was..

Bubblegum Lip Scrub and Honey Trap Lip Balm - I've tried Lush Lip Scrubs before previously, all being limited edition, I've heard a lot of bloggers raving about this one in Bubblegum so hopefully I'll like this one too. I had Honey Trap Lip Balm years and years ago from Lush, Its nice to see it in here as I really used to like it, I didn't even know they still made it!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - You've probably seen this a lot on my blog as I've accumulated quite a lot of them, its a really sweet bubble bar which I usually don't go for, but as it smells like snow fairy I rather like it.

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly - This is another product I haven't had in years! I used to love this when I was younger, Lush really know how to make something different! You can use this to wash your hair as well as a soap, so its useful as well as fun.

Think Pink Bath Ballistic - This is one I've seen over the years yet never actually tried and I'm not sure why, It reminds me of one of the old Easter bath ballistics that was like an egg. It also reminds me of Marshmallows.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar - Another genius product from lush, a bubble bar that's reusable! I was always put off by the price tag of this, but when your using it like 5 to 6 times it really makes it worth it! I think I may have to pick up the spring version's for mothers day of this!

Sultana of Soap - Ive never tried this before I think, I also cant find anything about in the magazine, It smells really nice and is very soft and creamy, it reminds me of the Christmas soap Snowflake.

I actually won this gift set in a giveaway from the Rebel in The Details, I thought I'd save it as a Christmas Present and what a great one it is at that! So thank you so much for having the giveaway!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - Probably one of the most raved about Shower Gel's in the universe of Shower Gel! They need to make this permanent eventually, It's too loved not to be! 

Rockstar Soap - This is another product I haven't had in years, Its great to have it again and now maybe I'll have to start buying it more often. 

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar - I picked this up in the shop and it melts to quickly! aka why its still in the bag haha, I really cant wait to try this as it seemed lovely in store. I just cant bare to ruin the little angel!

Space Girl Bath Ballistic - My all time favourite Bath Ballistic from lush! Its sparkly and smells like parma violets! Thank you Lush for keeping it permanently! 

I hope you've liked this rather unexpectedly long post! Oops...

Eloise x


  1. I love this! I really wish I could have got hold of So White and the Sweet Christmas gift set.. Maybe next year! Like you I've seemed to acquired loads of Candy Mountains as they are just amazing! I've got 3 and a half - so I've got 7 Candy Mountain baths left! Haha :) I really wish I could have picked up the little penguin as he's SO cute! The valentines range came out the other day - must check that out! :)

    Have followed you as it's great to find another fellow Lush addict! ;P

    Sarah xxx

  2. You got so much!! I havent been to Lush in ages and cant wait now...I love the magic wand and candy mountain x

  3. I got a load of Lush goodies at Christmas and have been enjoying them over the past couple of weeks!

    Luh is just amazing, I love so much of their stuff. The Candy Mountain Bubble Bar is one of my faves at the mo.

    Great post hun :)

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

  4. Wow you picked up loads of things, I love a LUSH haul :)
    Snow Fairy is lovely.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  5. I have the Snow Fairy Shower Gel + Massage Bar also! Love the scent, so candyland-esque!!
    xo Ali

  6. Ahh this is a fab post, you picked up lots of amazing lush goodies :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog



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