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Boxing Day Sale: Illamasqua Haul

Hi Guys,

Its no secret that I am obsessed with Illamasqua! January isn't the best month after Christmas and the weather just isn't that great. But Illamasqua does the most incredible sale in January and its safe to say that this year, like usual I went absolutely bonkers over it! With 50-70% off how could I say no...
Illamasqua Sale
I had put off buying quite a few bits from Illamasqua as I know as it gets closer to Christmas the sale is just round he corner. I was extremely lucky to find a lot of the bits that I had waited to get were in fact in the sale. I am also building up my pro kit, so the sale is fantastic to pick up things to add to it. 
I picked up two of the palettes in the sale, Illamasqua always have quite a few to pick from. This time however the new amazing multi facet palettes were included from their Christmas collection. 

I already own Aura, which I reviewed HERE, If you're interested. So I picked up the other one in the collection, Semblance. The difference between the two is that it includes four different shadows in the shades Slink; champagne shade, Dizzy; muted rose pink, Tango; bronze and Obsidian; matte black, as well as Mirage Gleam and Hussy Blush. However the Brow Cake and Cream Pigment are the same. 

I also managed to pick up the Reflection Palette for myself and my kit. Now unfortunately both of them came broken, which I know they were in the sale and are just going to get used anyway. However it was still frustrating, so after contacting Illamasqua's customer services they sorted it out for me very quickly. They were extremely helpful and were lovely to deal with. Anyway the Reflection Palette contains four of their more creamy and spongey in texture shadows in the shades Precipice; cream, Acute; taupe, Dart; bronze and Graphica; grey.
Illamasqua Havoc Liner, Raindrops Polish, Hermetic Lip Gloss & 13 Lashes
I got the Lashes in 13, as I'm planning to do a very extreme winged look based on Illamasqua lashes and these are perfect! Im currently eyeing up the Lush lashes too.... 

I had seen the Intense Lip Gloss in Hermetic on their Instagram, I cant remember which one it was but as soon as I saw it, I just "needed" it in my life! Firstly they taste like sweeties, then its the most amazing purple toned red! Perfect for this time of year and if you really sheer it out its almost brown. Its one of the most unusual glosses I've come across but I love it! 

Raindrops Nail Polish has been on my wish list for quite a while, the grey polish with silver/white specks through it, has been a very popular polish for Illamasqua. It even had a sister polish made, Pink Raindrops as a limited edition, because it was just so popular! 

Then I also picked up one of their ever so popular Precision Inks, in the colour Havoc, which is in fact a very dark berry shade. It does look almost black however, I think it would be lovely as something different to the black liner, especially now its colder too.
Illamasqua Burst, Creep, Dizzy, Inception, Delirium & Mould
I have such a soft spot for the Cream Pigments and Powder Shadows, especially in extremely bright and unusual colours. I was in a brown, beige rut until over the past year I just want to wear Illamasqua colours 24/7!!

The Cream Pigments are fantastic, lipsticks, eye shadows, blushers, you can even use some shades to contour or even on your brows if you want a funky brow. I picked up both of the shades in the sale, which are Mould, a dark purple and Delirium, a rosey taupe colour. 

Then I kind of lost my mind on the Powder Shadow selection, they have so many to pick from in the sale. I picked up Inception, one of my favourite purples Illamasqua do. Dizzy a muted pink, Burst, which looks like the most fantastic turquoise shade. Then finally Creep, a lovely lavender, which ever since Jamie Genevieve mentioned at the Glasgow counter I knew I would eventually have it in my life, I could of squealed with excitement upon seeing it in the sale. 
Illamasqua Reflection & Semblance Palette Swatches
(Swatches: Left to Right - Hussy, Slink, Dizzy, Tango, Obsidian, Precipice, Acute, Dart, Graphica.)
Ilamasqua Powder Shadow, Liner, Cream Pigment & Lip Gloss Swatches
(Swatches: Left to Right - Inception, Burst, Creep, Mould, Delirium, Havoc and Hermetic.)

Since I made my order, Illamasqua have since added more lines to their sale, so theres now a bigger selection. Which I am attempting to avoid looking at as it could become dangerous haha. If you'd like a review on any of these products let me know! 

You can shop the sale HERE

Eloise x


  1. wow amazing bargains! everything looks so pretty! i'm going to have a search on there website now!

  2. Amazing haul, everything looks like such great quality. I love the look of the multi facet palette x

    Beauty with charm

  3. This is such an awesome haul! I have the Aura multi-facet palette and absolutely love it. I love seeing the difference of the darker toned one, it really is gorgeous! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  4. wow that is one heck of a haul!! Some gorgeous products that you've added to your kit, I got the raindrops nail polish the other day in a little gift set that came with the Freak perfume (which was a massive bargain at only £13.50 in the Boots sale!)

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  5. wow what an amazing lot of beautiful shades of the illamaque products you have there, im definite you will enjoy them all ,

  6. Oh my word that is some haul! You got so many things! I have never tried this brand but I have heard many good reports. The eyeshadows look so pigmented

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  7. That is one lovely haul, you managed to pick up so many lovely things!

    Tabby x

  8. Looks like you got loads of goodies & the swatches are great!

  9. Aw these swatches are so lovely! And those lashes are fierce!

    Hannah xx


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