Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tom Ford Lipshine

Hi Guys,

I was extremely lucky to receive two Tom Ford Lipsticks from my Dad for Christmas. I've never tried Tom Ford before so I was extremely excited to finally add some to my collection.

There's no doubt that Tom Ford is probably one of the most expensive cosmetic ranges, which has always put me off them, because really are they that good for that price?
 The two that I received are from Tom Ford's line of Lipshine's, which I admit, I didn't have any idea that he even made these. I tend not to look at Tom Ford non stop before my bank ends up in pain. So the only pieces I have ever really seen, are the very talked about bits such as the Lipsticks or the Contour Palette. I am quite pleased to of gotten these over the lipsticks however as I don't think I could bare to ruin the embossing on the Lipsticks.
 The packaging is slightly longer and thinner than the normal lipsticks. It is still as luxurious however. In the sleek black with gold edging box tubes, which do get a little finger printy but you can easily just wipe it and its away, unlike the Nars packaging for instance! They may not have the logo embossed into the lipstick but it is on the lid. Which I think just adds to the luxury, they're the sort of lipstick I'd want to have lined up on my dressing table just from packaging alone! They're also really rather weighty too.
The two shades that I have are Quiver and Ravenous. Ravenous is the more intense almost hot pink shade out of the two, with a blue undertone, which I think is mainly preferred as it makes your teeth appear whiter. Then Quiver is a cool toned rose pink, I'd say on me its a my lips but better shade, it has a slight golden sparkle running through it too.

This range of lipsticks is the sheerest out of his ranges. Yet they do pack a punch with pigment too, I almost expected them to be just a tint, but in fact they're more like a glossy hybrid. They are really moisturising and comfortable on, smell lovely too, they remind me of sweeties.
(Swatches - Bottom to Top: Quiver and Ravenous)

Tom Ford may be an extremely Luxury brand, I do think for the quality of the packaging and the overall feel and look of the lipsticks on. They're worth the price tag, even if it does hurt. They're definitely my favourite idea of a treat. However and hopefully in the future I will try some more pieces from the brand. I've caught the Tom Ford bug! 

If you'd like to take a peek at the other 10 shades in the range then you can do so HERE

Eloise x


  1. I have never tried Tom Ford because I'm really not a name brand person but these lipsticks look really nice, I don't think I will ever pick these up just because I like my lip products to have a bit more pigmentation

  2. they're so pretty!

    from helen at

  3. The packaging is beautiful, I love ravenous :)


  4. All of these lipsticks are gorgeous! Love the shade variety, now following you x

  5. I love the blue toned one, never knew these existed either but they're beaut!!


  6. absolutely gorgeous - packaging and the shades! Thanks for sending over your blog link in the #bbloggers chat last night, just followed on bloglovin! xxx

    Olivia from Olivia Rose's xxx

  7. I usually go for a dark lip but I really like these. I think it would be nice to have a subtle tint

  8. oh wow i need to add these to my wishlist stunning shades

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous, I like the idea of a golden shimmer through a lipstick - If only I could justify nearly £40 on a lipstick!

    Sammy xo.

  10. These look gorgeous, I can see why they are so highly praised! x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam

  11. I'm desperate to get my hands on a Tom Ford lipstick! I've got my eye on the shades Flynn & Beau but I love the pink shades you've chosen - they'll be perfect for springtime! xo


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