Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Lush Easter Bunny

Hi Guys,

The Easter Bunny has stopped off early to bring us lots of Lush goodies. We may still have just over a month to wait until we can get stuck in to all the chocolate. But no one said we couldn't get stuck into all the chocolate and sweet smelling products from Lush a little early...
Ive picked up mostly the bath bombs from the Easter range, however Lush has also brought out a favourite from last year, Carrot Soap. As well as a brand new sparkly soap in the shape of, Over the Rainbow. Plus the only bubble bar in the range, A Bunch of Carrots, that you can use as a reusable bubble bar! There is also three gift sets, which could be nice to give at Easter instead of an Easter Egg, as something a bit different. 
Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb - £2.50 HERE
This may be the cutest thing in the entire collection, Lush describe it as 'Pop Art', which is very true as it contains popping candy. Just like a bunny its to get you up and jumping about, with its uplifting smell of lime. It does also contain violet and lavender, so its not a completely citrus smell.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb - £2.95 HERE
Snow Fairy lovers, this is for you! Fluffy Egg shares the exact same bubblegum candy sweet scent as Lush's most popular shower gel. Which probably explains why its the longest running product in the easter range. Its very soft and creamy, so its perfect if you have sensitive skin, it leaves it feeling moisturised. It will turn your bath a bright pink, to suit its candy scent.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt - £3.75 HERE
Sparkly, toffee, moisturising goodness. The Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, shares its scent with Honey I Washed The Kids. It goes round the bath dissolving slowly, due to the fact its part bath bomb part melt. As it is also a melt, its very moisturising and leaves your skin slightly shimmery but very soft. Packed with honey and smelling like caramel, it cant get much better. 
Immaculate Eggception Pink Bath Bomb - £6.95 HERE
You may be put off of this bath bomb as soon as you see the price, at almost £7 its the priciest bath bomb in the collection. What's unique about it however, is the fact that its not just one bath bomb, its three! Crack your egg in half and you'll find either a bunny or a chick inside. It also comes in a yellow version, both turn your water into bright colours depending on each one. Plus they also smell like chocolate... need I say more....

Pot O'Gold Shower Jelly - £3.50 HERE
I must admit, Im a little too bleary eyed in the morning for Shower Jellies (My mum is obsessed with them though!), so I really love the Shower Gels instead. But although they're not my usual choice, how could I say no to trying this one out. Its like liquid gold! It is shimmery, but you don't look like a glitter ball after using it, you just smell nice and fruity from its orange and pineapple scent.

I now cant wait for Easter, but I'm a little glad that it is still so far away, it means all of these will be avaliable for that bit longer! I think my favourite has to be Golden Egg, so I better go stock up on them!  

Eloise x


  1. these look sooo cute! i cant wait to purchase them x

  2. That little bunny is so cute! I don't have a bath so never really but from lush, but this all looks gorgeous! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  3. Yay, the golden egg is back. Love how sparkly it is x

  4. I've not tried anything from LUSH! The bath bombs look super cute, the rabbit looks almost too adorable to use! x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. The Golden egg bath bomb looks amazing!
    Rubi | The Den |

  6. Absolutely love lush - you've taken this pictures so nicely :)
    Cute blog! Tried to follow you but it won't let me for some reason. <3

  7. Lush always get it right don't they? I may ask for Lush eggs instead of chocolate eggs this year x


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