Friday, 27 March 2015

Topshop Wishlist: The Typical Makeup Artist

Hi Guys,

Here is two facts about me, that you may already know; 1) I am a Makeup Artist and 2) I have an unhealthy obsession with Topshop! When you combine the two of them, the following post occurs. There is a unwritten rule of when you're a Makeup Artist you wear black, I'm not really sure why. It does look professional but not so much once you spill foundation down it... 

So after browsing Topshop for quite a while, I seem to of accumulated quite the wish list...

I seem to have quite the obsession with scalloping at the moment and one thing i already own in a rose shade and love is the Tall Scalloped Crop Vest. But I also love how subtle the detail is on the Scallop Lace Overlay Dress too.

These are two things I don't really ever wear, but the more I look at them the more I really like the looks of them. They include the Longline Duster Cardigan, even though I do love Boyfriend Cardigans and this is just that bit longer and the Neppy Joggers, I don't think I've worn Joggers for five years! 

Another two bits that I think would be really good to have are the Pleated Midi Skirt and the Skinny Rib Crop Tee, not only do they look great together, but they can be mixed and matched with so many other pieces too.

Now I cant really wear both of these to work in as I don't wear my pyjamas to work in... But Im still obsessed with the Towelling Stripe Pyjama Set and Crop Top and Pyjama Shorts Set, they're still black though! 

Lastly I've been keeping an eye out for a small bag, I do love my Zara Mini City Bag, but it is still a bit on the large side and doesn't shut. So the Leather Clip Lock Satchel looks like something I may have to invest in. 

Even though Topshop is quite expensive, I think its fantastic to invest in for basic pieces that can be mixed and matched. I also find they're really good quality, or at least thats what I keep telling myself to justify buying them haha! Also if you're tall like me, I cant recommend their tall range enough! It's actually a realistic tall range, which seems to be really difficult to find!  

Eloise x


  1. The scalloped vest instantly caught my eye - it's so beautiful!

  2. I love all the choices. I really want black ripped jeans from topshop but they are $75. They are definitely something I would get. Black is always the best for clothes.


  3. I literally love everything in this post! Black does look chic and effortless ..... minus foundation spillages lol Fab post xox

  4. All black everything <3 I love the Scalloped Crop Vest, might end up in my shopping bag :) x

  5. Black is my FAVE colour - you just can't beat it. I love the scalloped crop vest - it would go with almost anything!

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

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  7. This is perfect! I'm completely obsessed with black, and Topshop is one of my favourites haha :) great list x


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