Monday, 8 August 2016

A MAC Haul

Hi Guys,

I must admit I have fallen away from MAC, compared to when I first started blogging. I think you find new brands and experiment with other things and slowly move away from them, or at least I did. But over the past few months, I seem to of accumulated quite the collection of MAC bits and pieces to try. Some are products that I have always loved and not strayed from over the years and others, new additions which have drawn me in. So I thought I would accumulatively bring everything together and try and reignite that love for MAC. 
I dont think it helped that I may of been a little naughty and visited the Cosmetic Company Store, which basically has discounted products from MAC and other brands, its a dangerous place but a must to visit! So when youre getting a deal, I cant say no. But that does make me feel a little better to think that I got these at a discount or over a good few months of little treats. 

But I have also been naughty, as instead of getting stuck into them, I stashed them away and had completely forgotten about them until recently. So I am very pleased to of found certain pieces and I cannot wait to get properly stuck into them. 
I'm coming to the end of my beloved Soft Ochre Paint Pot, which must be one of the only products thats remained a constant in my makeup routine over the years. But this time I thought I would switch things up a bit and pick up Painterly Longwear Paint Pot, which is basically just a pink toned version of Soft Ochre. It's the perfect eye shadow base, a little bit of this buffed over the eye, will intensify the colour applied on top and increase the longevity too. 

Two products that I've eventually got around to trying, after seeing featured on many a Pixiwoo video are Powersurge Eye Kohl Pencil and Vanilla Pigment. Powersurge is such a pretty bronze pencil, with the most subtle golden shimmer running through it, lovely on blue and green eyes. Then there's the little pot of Vanilla Pigment, the MAC Pigments are so useful, you can use them on your eyes, cheeks, mix into body lotions or nail polish. The opportunities are endless with a loose pigment, but Vanilla makes a brilliant highlight. As its a pigment, with no added ingredients to convert it into a pressed form, you get the true colour, making it much more intense. I would definitely recommend this over the pressed shadow version of Vanilla, if you really want to pack a punch with an ivory shimmer. 

I have to admit MAC Lipsticks are a bit of a weakness, I just cant fault them. I do favour some formulations over others, but I'm yet to try a frost. So I thought I would give Costa Chic a try, as it's a popular coral shade and I think it'll be lovely for the summer. Then after seeing Tanya Burr rocking Whirl Lipstick recently, I've talked myself into it. The matte formulation is quite comfortable to wear, I don't find it to be drying on the lip and it's also long lasting too. 
I personally find MAC Foundations a little bit of a hit or a miss personally, just because I don't find that they go pale enough for me. However I've given the Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation a go and it's lovely. It is a lighter coverage than I'm used to, though adjustable depending on how many drops you use. But I will give it a full review though.

Finally I got carried away in the blush department, though also a little confused, as I seem to of picked up a Pro Pan Cubic Blush by accident. But as its such a great everyday kind of dusty pink shade, I don't think it's one that'll last for very long. Maybe not so wearable however on first glance, are Full of Joy; a soft lilac and Frankly Scarlet; a bright red. However once on the cheek, these both translate to beautiful flushes of colour.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Light Plus, Painterly, Studio Waterweight Blended, Studio Waterweight Unblended, Cubic, Frankly Scarlet, Full of Joy, Whirl, Costa Chic, Vanilla, Vanilla Blended and Powersurge)
I did also pick up a few MAC brushes as well, but I think I'm going to save those for another post. As MAC brushes are quite an investment, but worth it if you know you're going to love them and use them. So I'll do a little round up of my favourites, as they have definitely become staples in my everyday makeup routine. 

Eloise x


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