Friday, 12 August 2016

Easy Gel Nails with Sensationail

Hi Guys,

As a bit of prep for my time away, I thought I would dig out my Sensationail Kit for quick and easy gel nails, that I won't need to worry about repainting while I'm away. Shamefully I've actually only ever used this kit once, after getting it for Christmas a few years ago, I just love changing up my nail polish so often, it seemed like something I would get bored of quickly. Yet being as intrigued as I am by new nail launches, I knew I had to try it.
 I must admit I'm really glad I did, this handy starter kit is fantastic for situations like mine. Where you want a manicure that's going to last you while you're away for a few weeks. Or even if the constant chipping of regular polishes drives you mad, it certainly drives me mad.

Something that really drew me back to Sensationail recently though is a little kit, where you can change any polish you already own into a gel. So of course this is just my dream situation, as you can transform all of you're favourite shades! 
 Of course you can still get the Sensationail colours, which are lovely in themselves. I've collected six over the years (TK Maxx is a little Sensationail saviour!) I did start off with the Sensationail Deluxe Starter Kit; which includes two colour polishes in Sugar Plum and Taupe Tulips. As well as your timed LED Lamp, Nail File and Buffer, Gel Cleanser, Lint Free Wipes, Gel Base and Top Coat and the Gel Nail Prep Solution.

You can get top up lots of the prepping items, which is fantastic as you can just refill them as you need them. The polishes themselves come in a wide range of shades and finishes. From shimmers, creams and glitters. I have to admit, I think the glitters may be my favourite, I've even spied a rose gold one... 
 Using the starter kit couldn't be any easier, it comes with fantastic detailed instructions. Which are really easy to follow and the fact that the LED lamp beeps to let you know when your thirty seconds is up, is so handy. As if you're anything like me, I'd lose track and just sit there waiting.

You just buff and file the nails gently, then apply a little bit of the Gel Cleanser to a lint free wipe and clean the nails of any oils. You then apply a small amount of the Gel Prep Solution to the nails, to rehydrate them and get them ready for the base coat. Which you also need a very thin layer of, however be careful to avoid applying any to the skin and cuticle. As when you cure it with the lamp for thirty seconds, it can be quite nippy if it's on the skin. Once that's been cured though, you're good to go with applying two layers of your colour. Curing them both one at a time, for a minute each. But again be careful of applying it to the skin. Finish citing the manicure with the Top Coat for thirty seconds and you're nearly good to go! It does have a slight sticky film to it, but just wipe over the nails again with the Gel Cleanser and you're all set!

When it comes to the Polish to Gel Kot, you're supplied with the Gel Polish Transformer and a little pot to mix your polish with. You can either follow the steps above until you get to applying the coloured gel and instead apply you're favourite polish. Setting it with a layer of the Polish to Gel. However I decided to take equal quantities of both the Barry M Coconut Polish and the Polish to Gel, ten drops of each and then mix them in the little pot provided. I also used the brush from the Polish to Gel to apply it to my nails, just making sure to clean it thoroughly before placing it back into the bottle. I found that the quantity also just did me for two coats of colour on both hands, so there was no waste too. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Scarlet Red, Little Gold Dress, After Five, Barefoot Beauty, Taupe Tulips and Sugar Plum.)
Overall it was such a quick and easy process to take part in and it's something that I really wish I had used more of. As when it comes to being cost effective, this is a much cheaper way to get gel nails, compared to having them every two weeks in a salon. The Polish to Gel is a fantastic investment as well, as it saves you having to buy multiple bottles of gel polish, when really you can just use any polish you already have. 

Eloise x


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