Friday, 24 April 2015

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

Hi Guys,

Back in January Clinique launched their newest foundation. They came up with a merge between a Foundation and Concealer, so Beyond Perfecting was born! I was desperate to get my mitts on it after seeing some very interesting pictures of the packaging! As well as it being marketed as full coverage for dry skin?
I like a medium to full coverage base, As much as I try out BB Creams and things I always go back to foundations like my beloved Illamasqua Skinbase. So when I heard about Clinique actually offering this kinda coverage for drier skin types, it was music to my ears! Usually because of the high pigmentation levels in full coverage foundations they can be unsuitable for dry skin. 

As I'm used to high courage foundations, I'm used to the feeling of them and don't notice them on my skin. However this is actually really light weight considering the coverage it gives, it doesn't feel caked on to the skin and is comfortable to wear all day. 
This is maybe the most exciting part for me, the packaging! Never have I seen a doe foot applicator this big! It is literally a giant concealer wand in a foundation bottle! You can apply it to the skin using the applicator and then blended into the skin as recommend with your fingers. However I always put it onto the back of my hand and then use my Real Techniques Contour Brush to buff it into the skin.

You can build up the layers to offer more coverage in certain areas, or you can have a really light layer and it will just cover! It's great to use as a concealer too, instead as all over as a foundation. If you used it just as a concealer this bottle may last you forever! 
On my skin is just this foundation, no extra concealer, which I love the fact it actually covers my dark circles! Im also a fan of how natural it looks, it doesn't look like a really heavy layer on the skin but still gives such an amazing coverage. Its a matte finish (my skin is also not powdered) which I don't mind as I don't find it catches in any drier areas. 

Even though it is a great product for drier skin, its also suitable to use on an oiler skin type too. As I haven't tested it on an oiler skin, I cant say how long it lasts. But for me I applied it at 11am and took it off at 10pm, the only wear I really found from it was around my nose. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - 02 Alabaster, Alabaster slightly blended, 3.5 Cream Rose, Cream Rose slightly blended.)
It was going so well till now! I admit these swatches look terrifying! But I think the shade range is the only downfall to this foundation, it may have 21 shades. But there isn't a single one thats pale enough for me! Im a MAC NW10 and Illamasqua 3.5. The lightest shade Clinique do is Alabaster, which if you have warm toned skin is fantastic, on me I looked like an Oompa Loompa! The next shade up, which you would presume is darker, its not, its just pink in tone; Cream Rose! It still may be a little too dark for me, but blending it in and you cant really tell! 

I do love this foundation, it ticks so many boxes when it comes to coverage and skin type suitability for me, but please Clinique bring out a lighter shade! Until then I will be blending away and trying to catch a bit more of a tan!

You can find it HERE at £25 for 30ml.

Eloise x


  1. I've seen the ads for this product but I've never actually seen it reviewed! It sounds interesting, and although I don't have dry skin it was nice to hear it from your view.

  2. I have the same problem with Clinique as I'm super pale! Hopefully they bring out some paler shades soon :)

    Kirsty |

  3. I was always wondering about this foundation! You would think that Clinique would do paler shades, hmmm..
    Estelle x - Let Me Go xo

  4. very nice review! :) from where is your make up storage?

  5. I don't get these foundations that have that tiny applicator, it just really puts me off! It's give you a lovely finish though!

  6. I love this new clinique one! Such a shame there isn't one light enough for your skin! Hopefully they will bring out some lighter shades soon!


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