Friday, 3 April 2015

Hillary's Crafternoon

Hi Guys,

Back at the start of March! (Sorry this post is so late by the way!) I was kindly invited to go along to the Hillary's Crafternoon hosted by Joe Blogs and The Crafty Hens. It was held at The Butterfly & The Pig in Glasgow and was a way for Hillary's Blinds to show case their new pattern designs for this year! 
Hillarys Blinds
I was so excited to go a long to the event, not only because it was my first event in Glasgow! So I got the chance to meet so many lovely bloggers in my area. But also because crafting and definitely sewing is something I really loved doing, especially in school. I haven't really done it since I left though and the event has really got me inspired! 
Hillarys Blinds
We started off by making a fabric cover for a Muji (Oh they know us bloggers so well!) Notebook, does anyone else remember having to do this with wrapping paper for your school textbooks? This is probably my favourite thing I made out of the two things that we did, its also so practical and I just loved the design on the fabric.

The plus side to the fabric being a curtain and blind fabric too meant that its very sturdy and thick, while also very easy to work with. Its perfect for a book cover that you can interchange and know it will last! 
Hillarys Blinds Butterfly & The Pig
 We then had a cake break, if you're ever in Glasgow, I cannot recommend The Butterfly and The Pig Tea Rooms enough! I had the white chocolate and pear cake and it was just amazing! Im basically going to go back and try every single cake on the menu! Plus the whole decor was very vintage slog with the vintage cups and plates and the most adorable miniature forks!
Hillarys Blinds
 After cake we made a fabric bird... which isn't featured in this post because I basically killed mine... Turns out I sewed the entire thing together without realising and had more of a 2D bird than a 3D one. Im determined to try again and actually get it right this time!

One of the best bits of the day was actually getting to meet so many lovely bloggers, its great to have fun at these events and try something new. But its always a pleasure to meet other bloggers. Plus as the nature of the event appealed to so many genres of bloggers, It meant you could meet food bloggers, to lifestyle bloggers and many more. Which you wouldn't usually get at say a beauty event. I got to especially chat to these lovely ladies below, who all have fantastic blogs that you need to check out! 

(Who I got to meet before the event and put my mind at ease, although Bex is from Edinburgh and me Glasgow, where the event was held. I had absolutely no clue where I was even going!) 
Nicola & Lindsay at Cakehounds
Hillarys Blinds
Hillarys also treated us to a lovely little goody bag, including a Yankee Candle and Green & Black's Chocolate! A perfect combination really! As well as a little more information on their brand new lines. Although I don't need new blinds, these designs are really making me want some curtains. I love the bunting design they have done and the tartan (very Scottish!) too.

Thank you again to Hillarys, Joe Blogs, Crafty Hen and The Butterfly & The Pig, for such a fantastic day. Also all the bloggers I met for making it that bit better too! It was amazing to see what you can do with a bit of curtain, I think I need to get crafting now...

Eloise x


  1. We had to wrap our school text books in wrapping paper! But only for one subject, weirdly! This seems like such a fun afternoon, I'd seen a lot of hype about it on twitter but didn't know what it was. It looked great, lovely pictures.
    Rebecca | Rebecca Marie | UK Lifestyle Blog xx

  2. We are not allowed due to being all environment friendly and stuff, which is fair enough; but annoying when you take your physics book to pshe! Love your blog, following you on Gfc & bloglovin
    - Jenny


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