Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Nightly Skincare Routine

Hi Guys,

Ive had a night time skincare routine for years now, but never anything I was extremely happy with. The products I used to use, I still do and love occasionally, but I think I've finally cracked the perfect formula for my nightly skincare routine!
 Of course I don't use every single product every single night, but most of these products I either do, or alternate between. As well as having those few that are used every so often like masks, because Im going to admit it, Im lazy when it comes to masks!
I switch between two types of cleansers, it all depends on how lazy I'm feeling when it comes to taking my makeup off. Ive just finished my Garnier Micellar Water and luckily have a trusty bottle of Bioderma to keep me going! Why cant you be easier to get a hold of Bioderma! I use a water cleanser like these to remove my face makeup, if I'm too tired to do a full cleanse.

If I am doing a full cleanse, which is most nights, I prefer to use a balm cleanser, my favourite at the moment is Ultrabland by Lush. Just a good little dollop of this, rubbed between the palms of my hands so that it melts. Then rubbed all over my face, including my eyes, which I wouldn't do with Bioderma, even though you can. My make up just melts off, which I can then just rinse off with water and thats it done.

Im a big fan of double cleansing though, so thats when I swap over to possibly my all time favourite cleanser. Let The Good Times Roll, It has popcorn in it, need I say more? Double Cleansing means that you remove every last trace of make up and pollution on your skin, as a lot of the time just cleansing your face once to initially take off your makeup won't do it. 

I love this cleanser as due to the popcorn and polenta in it, it gently exfoliates your skin, which is fantastic for a dry skin like mine. I put another little ball of this in my hands and add a few drops of water and rub it until it becomes a thick paste, Ive found this is my favourite way to apply it, make sure your face is damp too!
 If Ive used a water cleanser to remove my face makeup, I always like an eye makeup remover to do my eyes. Especially when Ive had gel liner and mascara on all day. Im also a contact lens wearer so Clinique Take The Day Off is perfect, as Clinique do a lot of products aimed at sensitive skin. It doesn't irritate my eyes at all and as its a oil based remover, the makeup just melts off and removes so quickly.

The past week or so Ive really gotten into using my Pixi Glow Tonic again, I kinda put it in the cupboard and forgot about it for a while. Not because I don't love it, but because I find it really difficult to get a hold of, unless Im near London! Toners are often an item that are forgotten about, but they're actually a great thing to have in your routine as they not only remove last traces of cleanser but rebalance the PH of your skin after cleansing. I really like sweeping the Pixi one over my skin on a cotton pad, as its exfoliating and cancels out my need for an actual exfoliator. 
Masks aren't something I do all the time, mainly as I have a little brother who would probably have pictures of it on Facebook before I could even say Facebook. Thats one reason why I love the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask as its actually not really noticeable on the skin, plus you can sleep in it, so you don't need to allocate time to rub it off your skin! Its so moisturising and I see such a difference when I wake up in the morning after using this, my skin actually looks hydrated for once!

One I find thats good for the bath, mainly so no one sees me in it and because it can be very messy is Lush's Mask of Magnaminty. Even though I have very dry skin, I still break out and this is great, because I don't ever feel like its stripped my skin and made it drier like other problem skin targeted masks do. Again its also exfoliating when you wash it off due to the Aduki Beans (A favourite ingredient of Lush's!), Its also very cooling which is always nice!
I am yet to find a Night Cream that I actually love, so for now the Full Of Grace Solid Serum Bar from Lush is my life saver! Firstly its solid serum, which kinda baffles me and amuses me way more than it should! Plus its so cheap for a serum! Which really amuses my bank! Plus its just awesome because of how much more hydrated my skin has felt since using it, it can be quite thick as it melts so you can really layer it on and let it soak in. You can put it on under a mask to get the full effects of it, or even under a moisturiser too. Which I will be doing once I find a night cream! 

My lips just like the rest of my face get really dry and for years Ive struggled to find something that really works in making them look acceptable for those Matte Lipstick days. I think Ive found the dream team though! In the form of Lush Bubblegum lip scrub, generously buffed all over my lips, I like to remove it with a cotton pad but you can lick it off too. Its all natural ingredients and mainly sugar. I then add a good helping of the NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm, which tastes of chocolate orange. This is a thick balm so I do prefer it before bed, so it can work its magic over night, but I am partial to using it during the day too!

Im really happy with my routine just now, even if I am on the hunt for that perfect night cream, I will find it one day!

Eloise x


  1. I agree, come one Bioderma, stop hiding from us!! You're routine looks just lovely. I've been lusting after that Pixi tonic for weeks now.
    Gill xx EyelinerFlicks

  2. I love Clinique skincare products - they are amazing! And I really want to try the Bioderma. Lovely post :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. You've mentioned some of my favourite skin care products. I really want to try the Pixi Glow tonic xx


  4. I'm such a huge fan of the origins masks, I'd recommend there scrub too as it's one of my favs.
    Little Blonde Life - Lifestyle Blog

  5. I need to try out the Bioderma cleaning water! I use the Garnier one currently!

  6. You have my favourite there let the good times roll! I cannot get enough of it!


  7. I LOVE double cleansing! I'm breaking out less and my skin is so soft. I've had the Garner cleansing water for about a month now but I can't figure out how it'd slot into my routine. Do you use it before your cleansing balm or instead of it?

  8. I love Full of Grace. Pro Tip.. pop it on before/under a facemask and it helps it get into the skin and do its job better ;)


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