Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Lush Halloween 2016

Hi Guys,

Lush are back with another fantastic Halloween collection this year and I think it's also one of the largest ones they've ever done. It's been a while since theres been such a selection of spooky goodies to pick from, wether they're bath bombs or body products too.  
There are a couple of products that I haven't mentioned in this post, that came out in the Halloween 2015 range. Though I have reviewed them before, the two products that had to make a comeback are Sparkly Pumpkin and of course Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and Shower Cream. I am a little sad though that Nightwing Shower Jelly hasn't made an appearance this year.

But as well as the old favourites making a comeback, there are also two traditional soaps included in the collection too. There is Fireside - £4.25, a spicy and warming scent made from clove and vanilla and then there's Magic Wand - £3.50. Which is a citrusy uplifting scent, with its main ingredients being tangerine and pomegranate. 
Two of the new bath bombs in this collection include Autumn Leaf - £3.75, which may be my favourite of them all. I cant quite decide between this and Pumpkin, it's such a crisp scent. I love the hint of lemon that's hidden inside, plus the colours that explode from it while it fizzes away in the bath makes you feel all autumnal. 

Pumpkin  - £3.25 is another quite fresh scent, although I would say it's a tad heavier than Autumn Leaf. As much as it still has that citrus kick, it's packed with spices such as cinnamon. Yet it's soft enough for me, as I'm not one for spicy scents, as it also includes vanilla. 
The Boo Bath Melt - £3.50 might be the cutest little bath melt I've ever seen since the Melting Snowman. This little guy dissolves softly and slowly into the water, leaving a lovely moisturised feeling to the skin. It's soothing and relaxing, while also meaning that if you're like me and never have enough time! You can skip the body moisturiser as Boo will do it all for you. 

Although the Monsters' Ball - £4.25 is a bath bomb, it includes a little treat in the shape of his eye. A hidden bath melt! So you get the fun of the fizz, but that little bit of an extra treat as it moisturises the skin just like Boo. The scent of this one is uplifting with lime and so much fun, it really perks up your mood, which can be needed when it's so dull and dreary outside. 
The last product I picked up from the Halloween collection this year is Goth Fairy - £5.50. Of course I couldn't leave this one behind, sharing it's scent with the ever so popular Snow Fairy. I hope this little one will be around for years to come. The Shimmer Bars have been a favourite of mine for years, filled with gorgeous shimmering lustres, you can't help but love them. A bit of sparkle never goes a miss at this time of year!

As always there's also a wide range of gifts to pick from in the Halloween range too, As well as some brilliantly designed knot wraps too. There's something for everyone! 

Eloise x

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  1. I have seen so many posts with the Autumn Lush collection but I just love reading about them and what everybody thinks of the scents/their favourites etc. I love the pumpkin so so much !


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