Monday, 17 October 2016

An Autumn Fashion Try On Haul

Hi Guys,

I feel like its been such a long time since I've posted, which in reality it has... I might do a bit of a life update post, but in short I have graduation coming up after finishing my studies! As well as taking on a lot more at work, so sadly my little old blog has hit the side burner quite hard. However I am desperate to get back into things and get into the autumnal blogging spirit. So I have lots to come and hopefully, dare I say it already... Blogmas to give a good go too! 
One thing I really want to do more of, is clothing and fashion style posts. Especially now its getting colder, I dont know why but I always prefer this time of year when it comes to fashion anyway. Although I must apologise for the photos you're about to witness, my little brother wasn't really into the whole "can you take photos for me please?!" idea as I was. 
As soon as I saw this on Lily Pebbles' Snapchat, I knew I was going to have to hunt it down. The Team Internet Sweatshirt isn't something I would usually wear, but its lovely and soft and cosy as we go into the colder months. As well as being a nice little hint and acknowledgement to being part of Team Internet! 
I have been after a bomber jacket for months now. Yet I hadn't really fallen in love with many and the ones I had fallen in love with were a little too pricy. So the Topshop 20% Student discount came to my rescue and the Green Satin Bomber Jacket has been added to my autumn wardrobe. It's not really that warm, so sadly I don't think I'll get loads of wear out of it this year, but it's a piece I think will be in my wardrobe for a good while yet. 
I absolutely love how adorable yet subtle this Bee Blouse is from Primark. The pattern isn't too noticeable at first, but It brings a smile to my face when I do notice it. Plus it's a lot cosier than I first thought. I think once layered under things with the collar poking out of jumpers or under dresses, it's going to get its fair share of use for £7. 
Now although I bought these last year, they are back on the Topshop website. The Knee High Boots aren't really something I thought I would ever wear, but they're surprisingly comfy to wear, considering I'm not a big heels wearer. I don't feel uncomfortably tall in them either, which usually puts me off. I hope I can get more wear out of them this year, sadly the suede material didn't agree with the constant Scottish rain last year.
I may of been a tad inspired by Zoella's Primark Haul when I picked up this Longline Navy Shirt Dress. I love all the shirt dresses that have popped up this season, although I would usually go for something shorter, as maxi dresses aren't usually my kind of thing. However I really love the style and fit of this dress, the material is lovely and light weight too, I may even go and pick it up in the other colours too. 

Lastly I also picked up a Wine Pinafore Dress from Primark. Sadly I've forgotten to photograph it, I'll hopefully get a picture up soon! But I was hoping to pair this with the bee blouse and possibly the knee high boots, however I'm not entirely sure yet if that'll maybe feel a little bit more 60's than I imagine it to be.

Let me know if you like try on posts, I thought it would be a little better than my usual attempts at photographing clothes. I would be up for doing quite a few more of these! 

Eloise x


  1. Bee blouse is my favourite item from your haul! A little bit of spring in Autumn! Who would not want that! :D Thank you for connecting with me. Best Wishes, Iga

  2. I love the team Internet sweatshirts


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