Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Simple Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hi Guys,

Halloween is fast approaching and really I would love to think of the whole month of October, being Halloween. When else do you have the best excuse to dress up as vampires, your favourite film characters and everything else totally spooky. 
So I thought this year I would attempt three more Halloween tutorials, after my Harley Quinn and Vampire looks last year. There is also a post up about recreating special effects with things in the kitchen cupboard too, so theres no need to splash out on all the sfx products. 

For this skull look, I've really only used Illamasqua products. As really they are the best when it comes to halloween, you can be so creative with their wide range of products and they do the best staple products too, which are always so handy to have! 
I started off with a really light layer of my own shade of Illamasqua Skin Base (3.5), as its one of the palest ones anyway. But I think using a foundation shade as a base, makes the white highlights stand out more too. 

I then marked out roughly, where I want the shading to be placed and around the eyes and a shape for the nose to be filled in later on. I did this with the S.O.P.H.I.E Eye Colouring Pencil as Illamasqua's pencils are lovely and soft, fantastic to blend with and so pigmented. So it makes sketching on the skin a breeze. 
To fill in the areas, like the eyes and nose, I used the Precision Gel Liner. As again, its soft, highly pigmented and easy to work with. Though once it's set its not going anywhere, its also fantastic to make more precise lines and to outline any areas specifically. 

I also used it down the neck as a base and also to darken up the jawline and cheekbone slightly, however it's more of a base to be blended out later on in these areas. 

After applying down the base colour, I took the Obsidian Shadow, which is the best matte black shadow out there and pressed it all over the eye. As well as the nose and buffing it into the jaw and cheekbones slightly. This prolongs the makeup and sets it so there's not really any patchiness from the cream products. 

To blend out the bottom of the eye and also to blend out the cheekbones later on, the Sculpting Palette is fantastic. It includes the matte light grey shade in Nimbus, which is brilliant to soften the black and gradate the shading. Although there is also the shade Incubus from the Powder Shadow range, which works just as well, but a touch darker. 

For the white highlights, the Sketch Stick in Spirit is so handy to use. The creamy pigmented formula applies to the skin easily and is lovely to blend. As its a pen too you can be quite precise with the placement. So I used this around the top of the eye and the temples, as well as highlighting the top of the nose, jawline and cheekbone.
The sketch stick was also perfect when it came to drawing on the teeth, as well as finishing them off with the reflective blue shadow, Cascade. But to map out the teeth, I went back to my gel liner and buffed it slightly into the centre of the lip. As well as taking a very fine brush, to draw on the thinner lines to define and decide the placement of the teeth. 
To finish off the look, I applied the S.O.PH.I.E Pencil to my waterline and tight lined the eye. As well as applying a good coat of Masquara in Gain to the lashes and of course a little bit of sparkle to the eye lid, with the Pure Pigment in Axoltol
I think this might be one of my favourite Halloween looks I've done, although really I must remember to not miss a patch out on my neck haha! 

I cant wait to share the next two looks next week! 

Eloise x

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  1. I can't believe how easy you've made it look to create the look. I love how you showed the steps.. defo easier to re create! xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About


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