Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

Hi Guys,

This is my second Gift Guide out of the three I'm doing, You can see my first one - HERE. All about Gifts for Her and my next and final one is going to be a 10 Under £15 Guide! So look out for that in the next few days..

There's only six gifts in this gift guide instead of seven after I magically counted an extra gift, I hope you all like this guide as I don't really have a clue about guys stuff , so I set my brother off round boots..

Ted Baker Pedal to the Medal Gift Set £10 - HERE
I love the Tour De Ted logo on these bottles, in the kit you get a Soap on a Rope in the shape of a stopwatch! (100g) then you also get a body spray (150ml) and Hair and Body Wash (200ml). This is a great gift set for anyone sporty or just a cycling fanatic, or even just an obsessive over Ted Baker, it's fun and everything smells great!

FCUK The Sporty Pair Body Duo Gift Set £10 - HERE
My brother loves the FCUK Sport line, which is basically the one in the black and red packaging. This year they've done a sports gift set with a Body Spray (200ml), Hair and Body Wash (300ml) and then finally a Sports towel. So if there's someone sporty like my brother who you need to get presents for, this is great and super handy for the gym!

Classic Leather Travel Wallet £15 - HERE
What to get someone who is constantly on the go? Well I think I need one of these if I was getting on any more trains, as I lose and mix everything up all the time. So this travel wallet is great for keeping tickets and important documents in one place while you travel!

Remote Control Mini Cooper £15 - HERE
Ok who doesn't like remote control toys? This Mini Cooper is radio controlled and looks just like the mini coopers! It's a great fun toy for any ages or even for a Mini Cooper fan!

Batman: Arkham Origins Steel Book Edition (For PS3)  £39.99 - HERE
One of the most popular games to be released this year, now I don't game but I love this series of Batman games, the pictures and illustrations of each character are amazing! It's well thought out and has lots of missions and things to do. My brother loves it and you can make it even more special by getting the limited edition steel book version!

iPad 2 £329 to £429 - HERE
I love my iPad, they're so handy and probably one of the most popular Christmas presents ever. I have the iPad 2 which I've linked but there is the new version out, the iPad Air, just make sure you research which one you want as there is quite a few versions out now. But it really is an amazing present, I don't regret paying the amount of money I did for mine, it's been great.

I hope this was a bit helpful as, as I said I'm clueless about these things so this is basically what I thought looked good and what my brother approved of haha!

Eloise x

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  1. fab picks!! I got my boyfriend an iPad mini last Christmas and he's been glued to it ever since haha ..xx


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