Sunday, 8 December 2013

Boots and Ciate Advent Calender Weekly Roundup! #1

Hi Guys,

I asked on twitter the other week if a little first impressions and review type post each week about the Boot's Advent Calender, is something that you'd like to read and I got lots of replies saying Yes! So this is the first part of three in the series that will be going up every eight days!

I also picked up the Ciate Mini Mani Month Calender at the Clothes Show too so I thought I would combine the two and do a round up of them both each week!

1st - Soap and Glory Clean Girls Shower Gel
I'm yet to try this specific one and its a full size travel size bottle which is great seeing as I'm super obsessed with Soap and Glory!

2nd - Balmi Mint Lip Balm
 I have the old version of this when they used to be round not square, looking forward to using this though.

3rd - Mavala Nail Polish in 53 London 
A classic raspberry red shade.

4th - Nina Ricci Nina Perfume 
I have the big bottle of this and forgot I had it so getting this has made me remember to use it!

5th - Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Ivory 
I just bought the full size of this, not sure if I like it though on my dry skin. great sample for travelling with though.

6th - Vichy Skin Idealizer Serum 
I have this from a past Glossybox, another one I'm looking forward to using.

7th - Black XS Perfume by Paco Rabanne
 I've never tried this before so once I manage to get it out of the box I'll be intrigued to try it!

8th - Umberto Giannini Pom Pom Band 
This is just basically a black hair bobble with a huge big pom pom ok it haha.  

Ciate Mini Mani Month!

I love the Packaging to this calender so much! I don't think id be able to throw it away! You also get a little funnel with it too for the Caviar Pearls.  I've pictured the polishes clockwise from the sparkly top one and then the eighth polish is the Caviar beads in the middle! 

1st - Snow Globe 
A Clear polish with Iridescent flakes that when layered over other polishes create specks of changing colours.  

2nd - Boudoir 
A classic raspberry red.  

3rd - Amazing Gracie 
A white but pink toned polish, looks more baby pink in the bottle.  

4th - Pillow Fight 
A purple toned grey, mostly purple.  

5th - Hoopla 
A baby pink nearly coral shade, very peachy.  

6th - Sugar Plum 
A lavender pastel lilac shade.  

7th - Main Stage 
A Blue toned fuchsia pink  

8th - Midnight in Manhattan 
Caviar Pearls in a mixture of black and golf with a few dark blue pearls.  

I love both of these Calendars, my favourite from the Ciate Mini Month this week has to be the polish in Snow Globe and from the Boots Beauty Calender it has to be the Soap and Glory Clean Girls Shower Gel as you probably know by now I'm a sucker for Soap and Glory haha!

Eloise x


  1. Ooh I'm so jealous that you got the Ciate calender! I was drooling over it for ages but never purchased it. Lovely post - so interesting to see whats inside! xx

    1. As soon as I saw it at the Clothes Show for £20 I knew it had to be mine, I was drooling over it too but the price tag always put me off! Thanks, I've been quite surprised with a few things in the Calenders too :)

      Eloise x

  2. So jealous! I wish i picked this calenders up, what lovely stuff!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

    1. It's surprised me how good they actually are, I've always been put off of them because of the price but this year I just couldn't say no!

      Eloise x

  3. wow super impressed with the Boots one really didn't expect it to be that good!
    New follower :) xx

    1. The boots one just keeps on Surprising me, the next few I've got these past few days are great, It just seems to get better which I never expected. Thanks so much for the follow! :)

      Eloise x


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