Sunday, 15 December 2013

December Glossybox!

Hi Guys,

Sorry I've been a bit of a fail at Blogmas and not posted these past few days, but I've been sick all weekend and haven't really had the energy to take blog photos and everything else unfortunately but don't worry I'm not planning on missing another day and my Glossybox arrived yesterday! So I thought that would be a nice post to get me back into my blogging routine!

December boxes aka Christmas Glossyboxes to me have always been some of the best ones, so you can probably imagine how excited I get over the December boxes haha!

In the Glossy Mag this month there's a feature about behind the scenes of the X Factor for the hair and make up, I got rather excited when I saw sleek mentioned in there!

Plus the packaging of this box is so beautiful, I love the Candy Cane Tissue paper!

1) Lipsy London Fragrance in Glam - £25 for 50ml
If you've read my past Glossybox Posts, You'll know I suck at describing fragrance haha! Plus team that with a cold and this weekend I cant really smell a thing, So on the packet it says nothing about the fragrance.. I'll have to let you know once I can finally smell again sorry!

2) Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Nude Lipgloss - £12 for 8ml
Ive had a few products from this brand before as its by Kimberly Wyatt from the Pussycat Dolls, I love the packaging of this and its a pretty good sample size at 4ml, I put a bit on the back of my hand and it doesn't seem sticky and is quite sheer and very wearable.

3) Wilkinson's Sword Intuition Naturals Razor - £6.49
When I first opened the box, I straight away said it smelt amazing! I'm pretty sure its down to this, I must admit I find it a bit of a weird one to be in the box but its very handy and I'm sure I'll probably use it, It's a bit different from a shower gel or a moisturiser too!

4) Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Turquoise Forever - £4.99
I got so excited about getting a Maybelline product, then I saw this, I love the Colour Tattoo's but in Blue... I have Blue eyes, NEVER EVER wear blue eye shadow so god knows what I'm going to do with this, This was my biggest disappointment in the box just because of the shade sadly.

5) Seche Nail Lacquer in Dives In Head First - £9.95 for 14ml
Ive got a Seche Nail Lacquer in a past box, which I admit isn't really my colour, but they've hit the nail on the head with this one, I have so many variations of this shade its mad haha. So I can see me getting a lot of use out of this and it just reminds me that I have to try Seche Vite! 

* I will have swatches up very soon, I just wanted to have natural light for them!*

I must admit this box has disappointed me a bit, but mainly because I think I get so excited over the December box, Plus I was super excited about the maybelline product which has been a bit of a let down sadly. But I'll use the other four products in the box so it's not all bad. Also if I've counted correctly four of the products are all full size which is pretty amazing. 

Eloise x

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  1. Seems like one of the better boxes! Shame it disappointed you a bit!

    Hannah Heartss xxx


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