Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Perfect Palette Tag!

Hi Guys!,

I saw this tag on NikkieTutorials Channel a few weeks ago, so as you probably know by now I love a good tag and after seeing this one I knew I had to do it!

Sorry that this post isn't formatted and currently doesn't have pictures, I'm having to do it on my phone as my computer is broken, so hopefully it'll be working tomorrow and I can fix my posts!

1. Best Packaging
I love the packaging of my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 4 Palette, it's not the most travel friendly as it is very chunky. but I can excuse that for the fact that it has built In speakers to show you tutorials of how to recreate looks and plus it has butterflies! Tons of them all popping out of the palette!

2. Best Color Payoff
This probably has to be my Illamasqua Fatale Palette, not only because of the amazing pigments, just the overall colours are amazing! Illamasqua always do amazing pigment In their shadows, you never need much it lasts so well.

3. Most Versatile
My most versatile palette has to be my NYX Butt Naked Palette, it's got eyeshadow, powder and blushes, oh and highlighter and Bronzer. It's just a great all rounder and I bet you can use a shade of shadow for your brows!

4. Best for Traveling
Best for Travelling just has to be my MAC Palette, it's just great to be able to choose the exact shadows I want to take and have them all in one case without having 20 million loose shadows everywhere! I have a shade for a highlight, matte, shimmer and an eyebrow shade!

5. Biggest Regret
This one is probably my Sleek Palette in Circus as Its all pretty much neon colours, which I've never used and probably won't use. You never know it might come in handy one day maybe.

6. Best Color Names
This has to be the hardest question as I actually can't think of any palettes which I think have amazing names, I wouldn't say I could pick one.

7. Least Used
This has to be my Clarins Essentials Palette, I was so obsessed with my Naked Palette when I got the clarins one I've kinda forgotten about it, plus it looks so pretty I don't want to ruin the colours!

8. Most Used
Most used has to be my Naked Palette, I go through such phases with it, one minute it's all I use for ages then suddenly nothing, but it's beginning to show how much it's been used for sure, I want it to be never ending though!

9. Most Loved
I just love my MAC palette so much, it's difficult to choose between my mac palette and my Naked Palette, but there's not a shade in my MAC Palette I don't use, I'm just in love with it haha!

10. Desert Island
Again it has to be my MAC Palette, I just couldn't live without it and its so versatile too, perfect for a desert island!

Hopefully this wasn't a boring tag for you to read and maybe you've heard about some new palettes from it. Sorry about the state the post is in at the moment, I will get it fixed! I will also tag some specific people once my computer is working and I can add links!

But for now I tag you! If your reading this and want to do it, then do it! Don't forget to leave me your versions too though!

Eloise x

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