Saturday, 16 March 2013

Benefit Face Date


I went along to a Benefit Face Date that bot me and Mary had been invited to, Sadly Mary was ill and couldn't make it. So I just went along myself, It was a great experience and Hannah, The girl who organised this at Benefit, Was very nice and we had a very long ramble chat over make up.
Hannah gave me one of these really nice leaflets, I love the design of them! Which told me what product's she had used and in what shades, This is really handy to have so you know your foundation shade, what products were used and what you can sneakily go back for, when really your on a spending ban, shhhhh!

I told Hannah what kinda look I was looking for, Quite a natural, But different look than I usually go for, Basically just surprise me! Then off Hannah went to go get the products while I just filled out a little Benefit card.
Then this was the finished look!

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion - £19.50
The POREfessional - £23.50
Hello Flawless Foudation in Ivory - £24.50
Hello Flawless Powder in Ivory - £24.50
Box O' Powder in Hervanna - £23.50

Stay Dont Stray (Lid and under eye area) - £19.50
They're Real - £18.50

Browzings in Lite - £22.50

Loreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Romy (My own - Review Soon)

I love this look as its very natural and kind of glowing, the face products didn't feel heavy on the skin, I found it was like I wasn't wearing any make up. My favourite products are actually pretty much all of them! Which isn't going to be good for my bank account. I was going back to purchase POREfessional, But Ive ended up with a cold and couldn't get back, Sorry Hannah!

A Benefit Face Date is free at your local counter, Mine took around 45 Minutes (Including mine and Hannah's rambling chats!) It was a great experience and Id definitely love to do it again!

Have you tried a Benefit Face Date Session? What's your favourite Benefit Products?

Eloise x

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