Friday, 22 March 2013

Mini Illamasqua Blusher Collection


Today I have my mini collection of Illamasqua Powder Blushers, if you can even call two a collection. Ive never really worn blusher as it always kinda scared me. But I got a Illamasqua Blusher in a Mystery Illamasqua box and instantly fell in love.

The two I have in my collection are Unrequited and Nymph, Both are matte blushers, Ive tried blushers before with lots of shimmer and glitter, So I think the fact that these are matte are part of the fact why I Love them so much.

Both are highly Pigmented and on my super pale skin I really don't need a lot, so it looks like I've hardly dented the pan, Which I'm kinda glad for as it means they last a long time.

I also love the Packaging of the Illamasqua Blushers, which some people do find cheap, But I just love the fact they're different to typical packaging and look sleek in black. Plus the little window so you can actually see what colour it is really helps. The only down side to the packaging is the fact the name of the blush rubs off really easily, which can be a nightmare!

(Swatches - Left to Right: Unrequited Blended using a brush, Unrequited Swatched)

Unrequited was my first Illamasqua Blush, Ive used this now for about 4 months and I can hardly tell Ive used it. Unrequited is quite a warm soft baby pink, The camera has made it show up a bit darker than it actually is. Sadly I recently found out its been discontinued *Sobs* so I better start using Nymph a lot more!

(Swatches - Left to Right: Nymph Blended using a brush, Nymph Swatched)

I got Nymph when I went to the Illamasqua Beauty Transformation session, I haven't used this one as much but I do love it, Its a warm candy pink, I thought it was slightly similar to Unrequited but it is quite the bit lighter. 

The wear time for both of these is actually quite good even on my oily cheek area. You get 4.5g of product for £18 and they do seem to last forever. I cant wait to get my hands on more colours, I have been eyeing up Tremble, Katie and Hussy so they'll be next on the list! 

You can get Illamasqua blushers Here.

Have you tried any Illamasqua Powder Blushers? Which are your favourites?

Eloise x

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