Monday, 25 March 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful by O.P.I

Ive been hunting down this collection since it came out and Ive finally got it! Ive been most excited for What Wizardry is This?, When Monkey's Fly and Lights of the Emerald City. I have found a few secret surprise favourites though too!
I wish there was maybe a green for the Emerald part and maybe a Gold/Yellow for the Yellow Brick road, But I love the selection there is in the collection as it is too.
I Theadora You: This is a Soft baby Pink, which is sheer, I found two coats was maybe enough for this one, But one more coat would definitely have it opaque, This would have to be my favourite Soft Shade in this collection, I may even "Need" the full size.... oops!

Don't Burst My Bubble: Is a very sheer, Pale Pink kind of, Of white colour, I found this was really sheer compared to I Theadora You, I only did two coats, But that's not even enough, You'd need around 3-4. I do love the colour I just wish it wasn't so sheer!

Glints of Glinda: I have to admit this is the shade I was least excited for, I'm just not a huge fan of plain browns. This was the most sheer of them all, Its a soft caramel beige sort of colour, I found this did make my nail tips go a bit yellowy which wasn't nice.

What Wizardry is This?: This is the only liquid sand in the collection, I didn't really like the liquid sand colours except from one in the Mariah Carey collection, But I do love this one and its cute little mini too! Its a brown colour with gold shimmer, I'm not sure if I like this more with a topcoat or without yet.

When Monkey's Fly: This is a gold glitter jumbo size, with holographic glitter running through it in a clear base. This was one of the glitters I was most excited for, I do find that some of the gold glitter curves and some of it will lay flat, I did find this a little annoying.
Which is Witch?: A holographic Glitter with a clear base, The holographic glitter is big and small chunks of glitter with a bar glitter too. I really like this glitter as it packs it on in just one stroke, I think this was the glitter I was the least excited about as well but its exceeded expectations.

Lights of the Emerald City:This is probably the glitter I was most looking forward to as its really different to anything Ive seen before, Its a clear base with white squares and small iridescent square glitter. I do wish this applied a little more glitter in one stroke though.
(Swatched - Left To Right: Don't Burst my Bubble (2 Coats), Glints of Glinda (2 Coats), I Theadora You (2 coats) , Lights of Emerald City (1 Coat) over Don't Burst my Bubble (2 Coats))
(Swatched - Left To Right:Which is Witch? (1 Coat) over Glints of Glinda (2 Coats), When Monkey's Fly (1 Coat over) I Theadora You (2 coats) , What Wizardry is This? (2 Coats), What Wizardry is This? with a Top Coat)

Overall I like most of this collection, I do wish it didn't take more than two coats on the sheerer shades and that Lights of the Emerald City packed a bit more glitter, But both of those can be sorted with just another one or two coats.

I do love this collection and I may have to go purchase some full sizes of the mini's too! My bank account wont like this!

You can find O.P.I in the uk at Lena White and Nail Polish Direct!

Have you tried any of this collection? Which are your favourites in the collection?

Eloise x


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