Thursday, 28 March 2013

I ❤ Spring Tag

Hi Everyone, 

I thought Id have another try at a tag Ive seen popping up recently, the I heart Spring Tag! I noticed two of my favourite Youtuber's had given it a go, FleurDeForce and MissGlamorazzi, so I thought I might too!

1. Favourite spring nail polish?

Barry M Nail Paints in Mint Green, Ridley Road and Greenberry
I knew straight away what my favourite Spring Nail Polish colour would be, Which made it very easy to choose my favourite Nail polish or 3...
I love Mint Green Nail Polish, My first ever Barry M Nail Paint was Mint Green and its been my favourite ever since. Plus with the Two new Mint releases Ridley Road and GreenBerry, I just couldn't choose!

2. What is your must-have lip colour this spring?

MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox
My must have Lip Colour has to be Chatterbox, It just ties into being with the Bright Lips trend without being too bright and I think its great to make that statement lip without going extremely bright pink.

3. Show us your favourite spring dress!

H! By Henry Holland - Blue Stripe Daisy Dress
My favourite Spring dress has to be the one I bought today from H! By Henry Holland, I just love Henry and I love this dress, Especially to go with my Henry Holland Jacket. Its very in with the floral print right now and the collar. I just wish it could get a bit warmer so I can wear it!

4. What's your favourite flower?

I don't really have a favourite flower I guess I like Rose's and Daisy's, But Ive never really had a favourite.

5. Favourite spring scarf/accessory?

H&M Rose Gold Link Bracelet - Ive seen in store but not online 
My favourite Accessory last year was this Rose Gold Link Bracelet, I wore it constantly and I can see myself wearing it a lot again this year. I want to get into wearing scarfs this year, Ive never really been a scarf person, But I'm currently eyeing up another Henry Holland item in the shape of a scarf....

6. Favourite spring candle?

Yankee Candle Tart in Wedding Day
In the spring I like fresh scents, I like wedding day because its fruity and floral, I also Love there linen candle but I don't have any at the moment as that's a really clean and fresh scent!

7. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)

Ive loved the Lip Trends such as Matte and Bright, So I cant wait for the sun to appear so I can start using them, I also love that one of the trends is Pink, So I can incorporate that into the Lip Trends too and Clothing!

8. Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?

Body Shop Body Mist in Japanese Cherry Blossom
Again I don't like too heavy scents in the spring, I like them to be fresh and this is a really fresh but floral fragrance I love during the spring and its so light as its a Body mist!

9. What is spring like where you live?

Currently Snowy and Freezing I just want the Sun to come back!

10. What's your favourite thing about spring?

The trends and getting to crack out the Brighter and Pastel Nail Polish and Clothes and just finally having a bit of warmer weather!

11. Are you a spring cleaner?
Not really but I am clearing out A LOT this year, But Ive never really been a spring cleaner before.

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

In the UK we don't really have spring break, However I am going away for a week next week, But hopefully if all goes to plan there's still be more blog posts being uploaded!

I Tag everyone to give this ago! What are your Spring Favourites?

Eloise x



  1. That lipstick is so beautiful!! read my tag here

    1. I love MAC lipsticks, It's a great colour for Spring and Summer, I love your tag I need the Victoria Secret store to hurry up and open here so I can Smell that Fragrance!

      Eloise x

    2. P.S. Sorry for the late reply! I'm having a nightmare time with the computer and my phone wouldn't publish comments!


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