Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring/Summer Soap and Glory Favourites

Hi Everyone,
Today I thought I'd share my favourite soap and glory body products for the spring summer season...

First up is Clean Me, this is my favourite shower gel, it also has a built in body lotion. I use it every day, it lathers well and smells amazing, its the famous soap and glory scent, which I love! The scent does last on the skin but not for very long, Its kind of a citrus but then slightly floral scent, it does seem quite peachy too.

With that I use the Sugar Crush body scrub, this is a new edition, as I only got it for Christmas, so I haven't really used it as much. The scent is different to Clean Me (Flake Away is closer to this scent), quite a bit stronger, but it smells fresh and very citrus with its sweet lime ingredient, I'm sure ill love it once I get to use it more.

I use The Righteous Butter (a cult favourite!) to moisturise, I can't stop smelling it, again it's the famous soap and glory scent. It doesn't leave me too much with that sticky feeling, but it's best used before bed so you don't stick to your clothes too much!

Finally is the well loved Hand Food, I got this after hearing Fleur De Force rave about it this time last year and I've been in love with it ever since! It leaves my hands feeling smooth and not sticky, it just melts into the skin. The scent (same as The Righteous Butter) lasts well and I've not found a better hand cream since!

Clean On Me - £5.50 for 500ml
Sugar Crush - £8.00 for 300ml
The Righteous Butter - £10.50 for 300ml
Hand Food - £5.00 for 125ml

I used these a lot last year and I can see the same happening this year! I can't wait till Spring now!

Have you tried any Soap and Glory products? What are your favourites?

Eloise x


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